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Baking Stones
Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef Baking Stones

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LOVE this baking stone!!!


I was given this product as a gift, along with some other PC cooking accessories. This is a heavy stone, but heats quickly, cooks evenly, and is super easy to clean. If you are in the market for an amazing pizza stone or versatile baking stone, I HIGHLY recommend that you give this a shot!

New Jersey


Pampered Chef Round Baking Stone


I give Pampered Chef Round Baking Stone a score of 5. It is a must have for baking and cooking. I use it to bake pizza and cookies. Frozen pizza fits perfectly on the round baking stone. It has handles which make it easy to lift in and out of the oven. For baking cookies, it stays warm on the bottom and evenly bakes my cookies. It is holds a dozen small cookies. I let them cool down on the baking stone before trying to remove them. Performance The baking stone heats up to evenly cook the food all around. Ease of Cleaning If you let the stone cool down it is not too bad to clean. I have been using a potato scrubber to get the stubborn food off of the baking stone. Durability This baking stone will last a long time. I only had one baking stone crack in half, but it had been used for many years of cookies. Don't get soap on the baking stone or it will ruin it. You only should use the Pampered Chef Nylon Scraper and a clean cloth without soap. I also use a potato scrubber to get stubborn foods off.





This Pam**pered Chef baking stone is so awesome because I don't ever need to search around and pull out cookie sheets that don't even fit the pizza to begin with! We received this as a gift from my husband's mother and couldn't be happier with it. We rarely if ever clean it, as it seems to bake off the excess in the oven anyway. We just throw on pizzas or cookie dough, right onto the pizza stone and when it's done, no fuss! I don't know the proper way of cleaning this stone, other than soap and water, but we accidently left it in the oven during a self-cleaning cycle. Well, we wondered what the weird smell was and turns out, when the oven was done self-cleaning, it had complete cleaned the dirty baking stone to the point where it looked brand new**! I wouldn't recomend that though!

Washington, DC




I have a few Pampered Chef baking pans and cooking items. When I first was invited to a home party, I was a little surprised by the higher price of the items, but some of my baking pans and dishes I have had for 5 or more years. I love the ease of removal once the item is done, the cleanup is a breeze and one of the best items I have EVER purchased from Pampered Chef is the large baking stone. If you like pizza reheated, you can't beat this! I always have my stone hot when I bring home a pizza or have one delivered, just put it on the preheated stone, and you will have a very crispy pizza, not like if you were to put the pizza in the microwave to heat. The side handles are very good too, it is easier to take the pizza out of the oven. Don't hesitate to purchase any of the Pampered Chef items, especially the Baking stone!

Brentwood, TN


Love this Pampered Chef stone


My husband and I received this Pampered Chef baking stone for our wedding shower. This stone is far superior to traditional baking sheets. I love it for so many reasons. There is no cooking spray required, it is naturally non-stick. It heats extremely evenly, cookies come out perfect every time. It is also great for things like veggie pizza, broiling garlic bread, etc. It's easy to clean, you just scrape it with hot water and an included scraper. As you use this stone (and any stoneware product from Pampered Chef), it darkens, but that just means it is getting "seasoned" and will perform even better. This stone will truly last us our lifetime and just get better with each use. It is well worth the money to invest in this piece.

Colorado Springs, CO


Pampered Chef Baking Stones

4.8 5