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Pampered Chef
Pampered Chef 5" Utility Knife

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It Chops, It Slices And It Dices!


A chef once told me that a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife and at the time I really didn't understand what he meant by that. After I got a set of chef knives and saw how much easier it was to cut, slice, chop, dice and fillet things I finally understood his comment about the sharpness of a knife. Even though this is a little on the high side for a single knife, it is something that I have absolutely loved having in my kitchen. I am able to slice chicken breasts super thin, dice celery more evenly and cut tomatoes without them losing their shape. When I was looking for a couple of really good knives to supplement the chef set that I purchased someone suggested this knife from Pampered Chef. One of the things that sold me on it was the lifetime warranty. To me, that means a lot that a company is going to stand behind a product and replace it if it has a defect. When I got the knife I liked the weigh to fit and that the blade runs the entire length of the knife (through the handle). This greatly reduces the change of the blade snapping or breaking which is something that can happen with cheaper knives. The feel of this when you are cutting with it is excellent; the contoured handle allows you to get a firm grip on it so if you are cutting something that is wet or sticky your hand doesn't slide around when cutting or slicing. I have had this professionally sharpened twice but I do use it almost daily; I do have a honing tool that I use every week at home. I like to have it professionally sharpened once a year so the person working on it can tell me if it needs replaced or if there are any issues with the blade or knife. If you are a casual cook chances are you won't need something like this in your kitchen but now that I have had this and have used to it cut a plethora of things, there's no way I would ever give it up or go without it. The size is perfect for cutting and chopping and it goes through boneless chicken breasts with ease.



My go-to knife for most of my cutting tasks


My mom, a Pampered Chef consultant, has now embarked on a new gift-giving saga...every gift-giving holiday brings me a new one in the Pampered Chef kitchen knife collection.  One of the knives I got for Christmas was the **Pampered Chef 5" Utility Knife**, which is my favorite of the set so far. **About the product:** An all-purpose knife, handy for everything from slicing fruit to trimming meat. - Finely crafted using a multistep forging process for enhanced hardness and density - Fully forged, high-carbon German steel for a perfect edge and sharpness, stain and corrosion resistance, and superior strength and durability - Full tang for strength and perfect balance - Tapered blade for precise cutting - Gracefully contoured, chip-resistant handle for a comfortable grip - Etching indicating high-grade German steel - Protective storage cover to keep hands safe and knife protected - LIFETIME GUARANTEE **My take:  **I had forgotten how great a good knife is, after years of using a cheaper set, and the first time I used this one, I was sold!  It's the perfect length for most cutting tasks, from chopping an onion to mincing herbs.  It's well balanced and fits nicely in my hand.  It can't be washed in the dishwasher, which isn't a huge issue to me, as I quickly wash it up when done cutting.  The safety cover is so handy, since I prefer not to keep a lot on my counter, and now I can store my knives in a drawer rather than a bulky knife block, taking up counter space.  This has replaced several other knives in my older set, since it works so well as a multi-purpose knife.  Five stars!

Just outside Cincinnati, OH


Pampered Chef Utility Knife Cuts It!


    I received several Pampered Chef knives for Christmas.  I love this Pampered Chef utility knife.  The first day I had it I needed to cut a head of fresh caulifower into florets.  No problem!  The Pampered Chef utility knife cut right through it!  Then I discovered that the cube steak I thought I had thawed for  my crock pot smothered steak recipe was still half frozen.  Oh, no!  Guests were coming!  Again, no problem.  The Pampered Chef utility knife cut right through the partially frozen steak to get it into strips.  The knife has a pleasing design.  It is the right length to cut through fresh items such as a head of caulifower.  It cleans up easily.  It has a handy dandy storage case to keep it in so you don't inadvertently cut yourself when reaching into the drawer it is kept in.  I like this Pampered Chef utility knife so much that I plan to buy several for gifts for family members and friends that cook.  I am sure it will be much appreciated!

Saint Marys, OH


Cutting is easier with this Pampered Chef Utility knife


I bought this utility knife from Pampered Chef a couple years ago when I was invited to a home party that a friend of mine was having. Not fully knowing the products, the party drew my interest. This knife was one of many I had seen in the booklet they offered but I had not seen it in person until then and thought I would give it a try. This knife has come in very handy for chopping and cutting tomatoes, carrots, rolls and many other items. It cuts through your items very easy.This knife is made of steel and is forged so the blade will not come out on you. it also comes with a black plastic cover to protect the blade and yourself until you are ready to use it. This knife is one that I have used more than my other utility knifes and I am also thinking about getting another one in the near future. These would also make a great gift for someone who loves to work in the kitchen. It is easy to clean as well and has remained sharp for me so far.

Boondocks the heart of Northern , NY


OMG...looking for an all-purpose knife...this is it!!


If you could only buy one knife to take you through the gambit of kitchen uses, the ***Pampered Chef* 5" Utility Knife** is it! **About the knife:**The ***Pampered Chef*** **5" Utility knife** has a full tang (single blade from end to end).  Which means it won't fall apart on you.  The grip is balanced for ease of use and helps avoid slipping from your hands.  There's also a lifetime warranty on the knife.  The utility knife is a smaller version of the ***Pampered Chef*** **8" Chef's knife**. **Uses:**I use my **5" Utility knife** for cutting meat, slicing effortlessly through fruits and veggies, even cutting sandwiches in half without tearing the bread or making a mess.  It's too big to reasonably use as a steak knife, but I'll cut meat before serving with the Utility knife. I'm a ***Pampered Chef*** Kitchen Consultant, so I've got a bit more product knowledge than the average user, but we had the knife before I became a consultant, too. Hand wash your utility knife.

Dayton, OH


Pampered Chef 5" Utility Knife

4.8 5