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Palmer's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E

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Palmer's cocoa butter concentrated cream is my skins best friend


 Palmer's cocoa butter concentrated cream is great for dry skin. I use it at night and more than ever during the cold months of winter. My skin is very sensitive to any little scratch I get so I always keep a bottle of this stuff so that I don't get left with the dark marks and blemishes. It tones the skin and is an all over body moisturizer. I like to use it for my face because it keeps my facial skin so pretty and clear of unattractive marks and scars. It gives the skin a soft youthful appearance with regular usage. It's a little to heavy to use during the summer because it makes u sweat so that is why I choose to use it at night. But it is also a good after tanning butter and also recommended for stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It really protects your skin in the winter and you can use it immediately following exposure to the sun and wind. I love the way it makes my skin feel and I recommend this concentrated cream to anyone with rough and dry skin because it really heals and softens.

Winston Salem, NC


great palmer's cocoa butter formula


This is a greta lotion for winter. My skin is extemely dry during the winter and I wanted to try something new. My mother told me about Palmer's cocoa butter lotion and it seems very good. I tried it out on my skin and it was great. It was a thick texture but it was doable. I liked it because it lef my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I would say this lotion is not for the summer though because it would give you too much moisture. All in all it's a great lotion for the winter months.

Pikesville, MD


Great moisturizing hand and body lotion


I am sure everyone of us experiences dry skin especially on our hands. With all the hand washing that we do everyday (a lot of times in a day), we all need a handy lotion that would give us long lasting moisturization and soothing effect. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E is the effective hand lotion for me. I carry this small tube with me everywhere I go and I always use it everytime after I wash my hands. It doesn't only relieves me of dry skin, it also soothes and smoothes my skin. And because it's cocoa butter, it also toned the dark area on my left hand that was caused by burn (hot water!) a year ago. It toned out my skin so good that you can't even tell I burned my hand before. This lotion also has a great smell (cocoa!) and really lasts a long time (atleast for me). A small amount of this lotion on your hands can lasts for hours.And ofcourse, it is very inexpensive and available almost everywhere.

Chicago, IL


Palmer's Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream with Vitamin E

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