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Palmer's Eventone Ultra Fade Serum

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Palmer's Eventone Ultra Fade Serum


A friend recommended the Palmer's Fade Serum to me a few years ago. I recently stopped having acne after 10 horrible years. All the years of breakouts left me with a lot of red acne scars on my face. Some of the were very light, but some of them were dark. I had tried many scar creams, but nothing seemed to help. This fade serum is specifically designed for age spots and sun spots, but I hope it would have the same effect on my acne scars. One important thing about this cream is that you have to be very patient. I almost gave up on it after two weeks. I used it every day, but I wasn't seeing any improvement. I decided to keep trying, and I'm so happy I did! About a month into using it, I started to see a slight improvement. It was making the scars lighter, but it was also improving my overall skin tone. I used it for 6 months, and my skin had never looked so great! I still use it occasionally, but I don't use it every day.




Not a good product for my skin.


I noticed that more and more breakouts were leaving little brown spots all over my face wherever a pimple had healed. I had never had major pigmentation issues before, but it was getting worse so I started to research a product that would help fade them and even out the tone a little bit. I bought this because of its cheap price, and I also had been using palmers cocoa butter for many years. I thought that this would be just as effective, but I was wrong. I was really hoping that it would work great because the price really is affordable too. It barely made any difference in my dark spots at all, yet it seemed to make the surrounding skin a lot whiter than it had been before using it. That was not a good sign. It also caused me to break out a little around my chin area where I had applied it, really not good. I tried it for about a month or so but just couldn't continue using it with the poor results that I had from it.




Palmer's Eventone Ultra Fade Serum is Fantastic!


I started using this product about 3 months ago on the recommendation of a family member who noticed that the blemishes on my face were leaving lasting marks. I have always been afraid to use any fade products because I was under the assumption that adding any kind of lotion or creams to my face would make my acne worse, and therefore leave more marks - a vicious cycle. However, she swore that I would not break out from it, and my face would actually feel better while using. I have been using twice a day, day and night for about 3 months, and there is a difference. My skin feels great, it is not causing any breakouts. My blemishes are fading. I continue to use my acne medication once a day after work outs, and I have to say my skin has not looked this good in a long time. Highly recommended for all skin types.


Springfield, MA


Palmer's Skin Success Eventone Ultra Fade Serum


I've been using this for a few weeks as often as I can remember to.  I have an age/sun spot on my temple that I've had a plastic surgeon look at.  He said to just use a fading serum, this was the first I tried.  I've noticed a very small different in the coloring, but am starting to get skeptical.  I do like that this isn't perfumed and it's not hurting me or irritating my skin or even burning.  It just absorbs in like a normal cream, but even with globbing it I'm getting little results...any advice on other brands to try?


Cumberland Center, ME


Palmer's Eventone Ultra Fade Serum

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