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Palm Treo Smartphone

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[Palm Treo 755p] Great, great smartphone


This is a continuation into my smartphone experience. And I enjoyed adding this one to my collection. The touchscreen and keypad combo allows for the best of both worlds when it comes to input and user control. It also loses the attenna stub from the previous generation and makes the form factor even better. It has a great feel in your hand because it feels solid even though it's thicker. The thing that stands out with this phone is the OS. Palm OS is simple, intuitive, easy to use and not bloated with a lot of overhead. These is a tendency where the phone does reboot at the most inopportune time, but if that doesn't happen, it allows for a great user experience. The apps on this phone are also plenty and simple to add. So many games and utilities are available for this phone. Having an SD card slot also allows you to add more apps, music and videos outside of the phone's standard memory. Overall, this is a great starting smartphone to have if you're trying to figure out this arena.

Austin, TX


Does everything you need


**Note: This is for the Treo 755p, but I can't edit the title's typo.** When I got this smartphone in September 2007, it was the cutting edge and envy of all of my friends. Now, it's a bit dated, but such is the way of technology. It is still a reliable, excellent phone and meets my daily needs. Furthermore, it has sustained a good share of wear and tear with only a few nicks, so its durability is good. Out of the box, this phone is ready to go, with pre-installed productivity and entertainment apps: document viewer, web browser, google maps, top news and weather stories, memos, calendar and alarm settings. It has Palm OS software, but everything syncs nicely with Microsoft Office. The phone can view and edit word and excel docs, and you can download a free app for easier hotmail account access on your treo. The expandable MiniSD card slot means you can have plenty of memory for games, ring tones, documents, even music, since you can get Pocket Tunes for this phone. The touchscreen is great, but included stylus is needed for finer work. Downside: no GPS or wi-fi.

Cincinnati, OH


Great Phone


I love this phone. I have had this phone over a year, and honestly haven't had any problems with it. I am able to easily sync my phone with my Microsoft Outlook . The phone is easy to navigate and add or edit contacts,or calendar events.   I would reccomend this phone to anyone who is looking into purchasing a smart phone.    

Denver, CO


Great phone for all my needs!!


I have had the Treo 755p for about a month now.  I went from just an ordinary phone with one that I can text, get on the internet, have games, a calendar with multiple uses, and be more techinical with the uses of this great phone.  I have only one negative ting to comment on and that is that if I go into my workplace (a hospital) & leave for the day, I have to take the battery out of the back & put it back in to reset the internet capability.  This is a pain!!

Charlottesville, VA


the best purchase ever


This product is slightly pricey but well worth the money. It has everything you need in one place. The product works as a palm pilot and phone. So if you are busy or do not want your phone on, you can just shut it off and continue with your palm programs. I also cancelled my interenet at home as the internet is included in plan. The internet speed is very fast and the screen is large enough I can perform all my email and interent programs without straing my eyes. I have heard that the blackberry you have to pay all they special fees to have internet and this is not the case. I talked everyone around me into this phone.

Hartford, WI


Fast and Intuitive!


This Treo 755P really is a cutting edge phone. It is comfortable to hold for long periods of time.  I thought the buttons might have been hard to hit but I am amazed at my accuracy in typing.  I can do a one handed or two handed typing.  This is my second smart phone.  I had the Mogul HTC slider phone and there really is no comparison.  This phone flies and does circles around the Mogul. Web browsing and email service are handy and I use the more than I expected.  It really is a smart phone. It has worked flawlessly for me over the past 2 months. I really enjoy the shortcut keys on the phone and the ability to create new shortcut keys. 

Wichita, KS


My Palm 755p is irreplaceable!


As a busy Mom/Systems Coordinator/Small business owner/Domestic goddess, I could not live without my Palm Treo 755p! The Palm combines the benefits of a full feature mobile phone with the functionality of a mobile office.  Top to bottom, the phone contains an expansion slot for added memory for all of those documents, contacts and emails.  Along with a famous silent mode switch and integrated housing for the stylus, the blinking light on the Sprint version lets you know when you have missed an important event (phone call, text message, alert, etc). The touch screen supports 65,000 colors and allows quick access to your own custom menus.  The large viewing area offers a clearer picture than other smartphones due to the 320 x 320 pixel display. Impressively, this smartphone's software supports most digital video formats including mpeg, avi, divx and mp4 (video Ipod). The phone contains a 1.3 megapixel digital camera that takes photos with a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 and has a 2x zoom.  It also can record video clips and audio at 352 x 288.  The pictures look so good even my teens are impressed! In addition to all of the fabulous preloaded applications like Google Maps and pTunes, I have found that some aftermarket software additions like Ultrasoft CheckBook, Infinity Softworks powerOne calculators and DataViz's Documents to Go have made this my all-in-one "go to" device!

Roy, WA


The software is decent, but the hardware doesn't hold up.


I bought the Palm Treo 755p in January of 2008.  I still have it, for the sole reason that I am not eligible yet to get a new phone with my wireless plan.  I am pretty busy, so it was important to me to have a really good calendar on my cell phone.  The calendar and the internet are the primary reasons I decided to go with a smart phone. Things I like: 1) The text messages get arranged in conversations just like an instant messaging chat log.  This is a great feature! 2) The calendar is great - nice and detailed, and it can sync with Outlook.  I also like how I can categorize my appointments and color code them (yeah, yeah, I'm a nerd). 3) It has google maps, so I can look stuff up on the go.  This has come in handy many times. 4) The internet browser is pretty decent.  It has a hard time with really big pages, but for mobile applications (e.g.: and it's fine.   5) The battery can get me through a whole day. Things I don't like: 1) I kept hanging up on people with my cheek because of the touch screen.  I ended up disabling the touch screen while in calls. 2) The keys stopped working perfectly almost immediately.  It started with the "R" button - I would have to mash it down as hard as I could just to get an "R" to show up in my text.  But of course, when I mashed it down that hard, I would end up with three or four "R"s on my screen that I would then have to delete.  The problem has since spread to the majority of the keys, including the "send" and "end" buttons.  Usually I have to push the "send" button several times before it will actually answer a call.  Very frustrating, and my texting has been reduced to turtle speeds because I have to mash down keys and then go back and fix the errors.  I don't know what I'll do when my "delete" button starts to go. 3) The email feature was a big disappointment.  You don't have the option of receiving your emails in real time, and I could never get it to not download every single piece of mail I have ever received when it would check my mail.  Considering I have over five thousand archived emails in my account, this is a serious problem.  I ended up forgoing using the email feature at all, and just checking my mail using the web browser. 4) This phone can't send or receive picture messages.  And it doesn't notify you if someone does try to send you a picture message.  It ends up in some wireless picture message black hole somewhere, which sucks, because then the person who sent me the message thinks I'm ignoring them. Bottom line: I do not recommend this phone.  Hopefully Palm learned from this blunder and has fixed these issues for the Pre.

Phoenix, AZ


My Palm Treo755p is a lifesaver, a phone that organizes my life!


I love my Palm 755p.   The Palm operating system is great, small files which don't freeze up.  I work in a mobile environment and love that my phone has my outlook calendar, has alarms reminding me to do various tasks, even pay monthly bills.   My email downloads easily and keeps me on top of my work.   The phone syncs with outlook, moving all my contacts into my phone, and entering those from my phone into my computer, which is important when I enter numbers on the go yet still want them in my business contacts. Google maps is ever so useful, I find myself using it for everything.  I only wish it were easier to feed data from a web search into the Google Maps application because sometimes that's hard to copy, paste, and switch programs when on the go.  My phone seems to default to Mapquest when I google a shop or destination, which is just harder to zoom and move the map around.   The step by step directions are great. I do wish there were one more level down of dimming on the screen. For most, this is probably fine, but as I like to play Sudoku on my phone when I can't sleep, I like to dim the screen as much as possible.   There are a few tiny things that I notice, but I consider myself a fairly picky user.  Overall, I love this phone and cannot wait to try out the next Palm and whatever upgrades Palm chose to do with the next version.   Taking photos and sending photos is easy, which is great. In addition, I LOVE that my texts show up as an IM conversation. We've found we rely upon this a ton for work now that all the managers have gotten used to having this feature!

Detroit, MI


My Treo has 'tude but I like it


I actually got the Treo 775p as a hand-me-down from my mother in law who had a lot of problems with the phone and wanted something simpler. I'll be honest, I thought she was just technologically inept, but actually this phone seems to have a mind of its own. First, the things I like about it. I love the qwerty keyboard, the touch screen (with stylus if I need it), and the Microsoft OS. It syncs up well to my Microsoft 2007 suite and I really like the call back log with pretty detailed information. I use the recently called people feature a LOT and it's helpful when I'm in a hurry. I haven't had many problems with caller sound quality and not too many dropped calls (that is, when I am full service - otherwise it's not the phone's fault). I like how the text messages are saved as conversations so I know what I last said to the person I'm texting. Now for the flaws. When I accidentally let the battery die, the phone doesn't ring anymore. It will vibrate, but since I don't keep my phone in my pocket it's not very helpful. Every time this happens, I need to factory reset. Speaking of that, sometimes it spontaneously factory resets. I have learned to sync often. The battery dies quickly, and sometimes it seems there is very little warning. Customizing ringtones was a pain in the butt (but if you don't do this, no problem for you). It took a lot of trial and error to get it going. Oh and it took me awhile to figure out how to sync it to my computer using bluetooth, it's not all that straightforward. It is a pretty tough little phone though, I've dropped it a bunch of times and spilled water on it and it still works. If you can get over this phone's little quirks then it's a pretty good one.

Pearland, TX


Palm Treo Smartphone

3.8 38