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Palm Smartphone

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Palm Treo 680, a must have for every mom


This phone is very user friendly, even for people with bigger fingers, the touch screen is awesome, its sleek, the sound is great, it can do it all. the available colors stand out, the battery stays charged, and it is even kidproof!

League City, TX


TREo700p gets the job done for me!


The TREo700p is a cool cell phone.  It does what it advertises and the more tech saavy you are the  more yiu could get from ths little gadget.  It is much lighter than the other TREo's  and a bit smaller.  It seems to have a problem with the connector on the wall charger and car charger.  this presents a major problem.  I have 3 chargers in 3 months and the wall charger has left me without my phone a couple of days.  Beware of this problem.

Madison, FL


The Treo 700p is great for people on the go


The Treo 700p is a great all around smart phone.  It performs all of your daily tasks such as phonng, texting and scheduling with ease.  It takes decent pictures and video.  The zoom feature could be improved but since its primary function is not photography, it can be excused.  It has a great beaming feature where you can share documents and pics with other Treo users with just a couple of clicks.  The web browser is easy to use and the button and/or on-screen navigation make for simple movement between screens and functions.  It is a large phones, as phones go, and could be easier for women to just throw in their purse or gentlemen to put in their jacket pockets, opposed to actually wearing it on your belt or carrying it in your pants pocket.  It has decent graphics and great MP3 functionality if you add some extra memory.  The only trouble I have found with all Treos is a rebooting issue.  The phone will sometimes reboot itself if you are texting and getting a call simultaneously.  I would recommend buying insurance for this phone so that you do not make a large investment only to have technical issues.  Otherwise, I would recommend it strongly to anyone looking for a multi-function phone.

Charlottesville, VA


Simply is your brain in the palm of your hand that never sleeps


The Pam -Treo 700p is simply a handheld organizer that is easy to use and will keep you from writing notes all the time.  Whatever information you need to know at any moment is with you at all times in your fingertips.  The Palm-Treo 700p is a pc in the palm of your hand that is with you when you need internet access, phone access, your grocery list with price comparisions, reminders, and even take a picture.  The Palm-Treo 700p uses software like a pc that will make your life so much easier when making important decisions.  The Palm-Treo 700p is a time management masterpiece that will save you time and help you do things much faster.

Marcus Hook, PA


Too big!


This phone is too big, you can't use it on your day to day activities unless you want to live with an earpiece in your ear 24/7.  It holds alot of information but depending on what you download from the net your phone may freeze on you.  If you move to fast on the touch screen it may also freeze.  There was no real easy place to store it for the female unless you throw it in your purse.  I did like the fact that you could use it like a palm and store phone numbers and calendar events in the memory. 

Sparrows Point, MD


I love it and everything it does!


I love this phone!  Can't say enough about it.  I am able to keep all my contacts, calendar, PDA, and telephone all in one place.  My contacts are clear and I'm able to keep photos of all my contacts in the phone.  When they call me I can look at their picture and know who it is calling immediately.  Also, it is a camera and videocamera.  I especially love how text messages are so much easier to type out on the buildin keyboard.

Chula Vista, CA


great for email and other work related activities


My work provided this phone to me.  I use it for internet, email, making calls, and playing games.  I enjoy the email on this since it is easy to use and allows me to check it while on the go.  Also, the internet is convenient as well as google maps (shows freeways with traffic congestion).  The phone is a bit complicated to learn how to use but I pretty much have the hang of it now.  I like that it has a switch on the top to allow you to instantly put it on silent mode. This is really useful when going into a meeting that way you don't need to mess with going though options and such, just move the switch to silent and you are done.  The touch screen is very convenient for navigation on the internet as opposed to a phone where you can only use the directional pad on the keyboard to move around.

La Verne, CA


Great convenience when it's operational


As a Real Estate agent the Treo is a great convenience because it not only serves as my phone but also as my property entry key & gives me mobile access to MLS listings & other MLS data.  But I have had my Treo 700P (Verizon) since Dec '06 & already had to have it replaced 3 times.  Great that as long as it's under warranty that they will willingly replace it but a major inconvenience to have to be without this crucial piece of equipment for several days at the time for replacement & worries me what will happen once my warranty is up!  But overall I will continue to use it & recommend it, although with caveats as mentioned above.  It also does freeze very frequently which is a nusiance.  But it has excellent battery life & is quite versatile. 

Savannah, GA


Everything I want in a Treo


This is my third Palm product and my second Treo.  I love it as much as I loved the others, and it has some small improvements over my old 600.  However, I do have problems with it freezing up for very short periods of time on a regular basis.  It gets annoying when you can't hang up on a phone call or select something you're in a hurry to select.  Otherwise, its great.

Woonsocket, RI


My life is in my Treo.


I've been growing along with Palm devices, having used them for many years now. When I finally got my hands on the 700p, I knew Palm had starting to actually realize the potential of these multi-function devices.  While I still have trouble from time to time with the keyboard, and am just slightly fearful of upgrades (yikes! my life is in this thing, what if I have to restore from a backup?!), I do not have the freeze-up problems that others report.  The integration of the various functions here (calendar, contact list, phone, web, camera) are well thought out and make this a device I never want to be without.

Saratoga, CA


Palm Smartphone

4.1 29