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Palm Madden NFL 2006

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Storied Franchise professional football game.


One of best Madden games I have ever come across in recent member, that is before the major next gen games came about. It had everything I could imagine, from owner mode, to training and even the live radio show that took place week after week make it a great interactive game. I had fun playing this game every single day from the very moment it came out at midnight that evening. I can even recall that they had the Beast Brock Lesnar as a playable Defensive tackle in the game and that was quite the pleasant surprise. Sure he wasn't some high overall player, I think he was at a 67 to be exact, but that did not stop me from signing to my favorite team in the entire National Football League to a long term contract of seven full years, while attempting to pay him as little as possible while still trying to manage my budget under the league salary cap in order to keep the game as realistic as possible.



Palm Madden NFL 2006

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