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PaPurr Recycled Paper Cat Litter

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PaPurr is the BEST litter alternative out there!


PaPurr is the only litter my cat will use.  I initially bought PaPurr because I wanted an environmentally friendly litter alternative that worked and felt like traditional clay litter.  PaPurr is available in both scoopable and non-scoopable forms.  The only other paper litter I know of is Yesterday's News and it is in pellet form (looks like rabbit food) which cats do not like to walk on...plus it has horrible absorbancy!  I recently got in touch with the new owners of PaPurr and they are WONDERFUL!  They are working really hard to get it back into distribution and they allow you to order direct from them, plus the price includes shipping and handling.  If anyone is looking to get ahold of them or wants to try PaPurr, give them a call at 800-791-5916.  They are such sweet girls and are very helpful. 

Corpus Christi, TX


papurr cat litter is light weight, absorbent, and dust free


 Papurr is one of the best cat litters we have used. We have 5 cats and boxes. My husband is disabled and really liked the light weight feature. We did not find the bags we used to be dusty, especially compared to clay litters. It was as good as any at absorbing pee and kept the odor down without perfumes. My local Petsmart has stopped carrying it, so I'm searching for another source.    

Concord, CA


Perfect Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter


I had been looking a for a good environmentally friendly cat litter, partially for the dust and the health benefit for my cat and partially for environmental reasons.  I have been extremely pleased with PaPurr. It is only a bit more expensive than name brand clay litters but works just as well, if not better. I have been able to go a week or more without changing the cat box (I have just one cat).  My cat adapted quickly and no problems using this littler. It has small granules (not pellets like the recycled newspaper kind) that look just like clay litter. And it absorbs urine and odor extremely well.  I like that I can flush it and if not, it's biodegradable too.   

Knightdale, NC


PaPurr Recycled Paper Cat Litter

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