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Pur Minerals
Pur Minerals Mineral Mascara

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Mineral Mascara doesn't measure up


I have really sensitive eyes so rather than going for a regular mascara i decided to go with a natural mascara. I enjoy a mascara that delivers length AND volume and this gives more of a natural look with one coat so adding that second coat still doesn't do the trick. the plus is it doesn't clump at all, it's easy to remove  and it doesn't harden your lashes like most, but the cons about that is it runs VERY easily , it flakes off noticeably on your face, and even with natural ingredients it also includes parabens and still messed with my eyes over all I was completely dissatisfy, nothing about it thrilled me , at all. it was just average and costs more because it's eco- friendly and all natural. it just doesn't deliver what i was looking for, if you're looking for a natural look with normal length lashes that are a bit better for the environment check this  out but if you have sensitive skin or need it for long term I'd say skip it


Hyde Park, NY


PUR minerals mascara, very light look


If you are looking for a very light looking mascara (natural), then this is a good product for you.  It goes on easy without clumping, however if you are trying for a more dramatic look, a second coat will not get you those results.  I found that it doesn't last all day but it is easy to wash off. 


New Baltimore, MI


the best mascara ever made!!


This is the absolute best mascara ever made! Curls and defines lashes. One coat is au naturale with beautifully curled and defined lashes. A second coat makes them lush and gorgeous. Your eyes will pop!! It will not smudge and is water resistant (will not protect you from a downpour or from bawling your head off) and will not run even in the highest humidities. It easily washes off with some cleanser and water.  You will never regret purchasing this product!


Port Huron, MI


Pure, but just HOW pure? An average mascara for me.


***Quick View***: As I mentioned in my review of [Tarte Lash Hugger Eco-friendly Natural Mascara,][1] I am looking for some more natural mascaras to wear because my eyes have been acting up from allergies and eye strain. **PUR Minerals Mineral Mascara **is natural (although it contains parabens) but it doesn't give me the length I would like.***About PUR Minerals Mineral Mascara***Although this mascara is labeled "pure" and "mineral", it does contain Methylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethylparaben, and Propylparaben, none of which are good for you from what I have read. This mascara is easy to apply but it seems not to have enough oomph to really give my lashes length and volume that I like.My lashes do look darker and do get some length when I use this mascara but it takes a zillion coats to get a look I like and even then, the length and volume are lacking. Still, the mascara doesn't seem to flake much and I don't get many clumps when I apply it. It doesn't irritate my eyes but also doesn't make them feel better. It washes off just fine with my usual cleanser. I am not sold on the fact that it is water resistant because my eyes watered from allergies and the mascara ran. Not a LOT but enough to tell me that wearing** PUR Minerals Mineral Mascara** in a rainstorm would NOT be a good idea.***My Viewpoint*****PUR Minerals Mineral Mascara** is free from many of the yucky ingredients  that traditional mascaras have in them but it still has a lot of ingredients that I can't pronounce in it for being such a "pure" product. Still, it's gentle enough for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes. It does add some length and a little volume and doesn't seem to clump or flake. It washes off easily and is supposed to be water resistant but I don't buy that claim. It's OK. ***3 stars.*** I won't buy it again after this tube is used up. I like more length and volume to my lashes than **PUR Minerals Mineral Mascara** gives me. If you like the natural look, you may really like this product. [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Tarte-Lash-Hugger-Eco-friendly-Natural-Mascara-review-a9a16


The heart of , NY


Pur Minerals Mineral Mascara

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