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PUR ClassicClear Vertical Mount Faucet Filter

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Refreshingly clean water


The PUR vertical mount faucet filter is a great product to have. This definitely saves a bundle, since we're not buying bottled water anymore. Plus. it really makes me feel great to be giving my family water to drink that I know is free of any harmful chemicals. A must have for any faucet!



Awesome filter


I've had this filter for the better part of three years now and I will have to say that it has been a constant companion in the kitchen. For the most part, the design blends right in with your kitchen. There are several color styles available and installation is very simple. The filters are very easy to get to and operation is easy. I will say that Pur has made it a little difficult to pick out a filter for this device. When I first got into this brand, Pur made a stage 2 and stage 3 filter. I think they have changed the names to something else. MineralClear seems to be the replacement for Stage 3. I would only recommend stage 3 since stage 2 doesn't do a whole lot to take away the city water taste.

Greenville, SC


pur water faucet


my water usually taste like metal or has a smell like bleach ,this is why we bought the pur water faucet , i wont get a glass of water with out it first going through pur water faucet ,i love it and it taste great .and reasonably priced too.

Osawatomie, KS


Clear, Crisp, AHHHH


We all know bottled water can be expensive and even though I recycle its still a waste of plastic. My Fiance and i purchased our PUR classic clear vertical Mount Faucet Filter about 4 months ago and we aboslutely love it! We live in a very old building that just got switched from well water to city water and well im not sure i trust what comes outta the faucet. Thie product was so easy to install i think a 10 yr old kids could figure it out, and it was decently priced. We have yet to buy a new filter for it but we are about due for one so im sure we will know if its pricey soon or not. You are not suppose to filter hot water through it but who really needs filtered hot water, normally your boil it anyway. The only con about this is sometimes when i do dishes it seems to get in my way! Other than that crisp clear refreshing water is easy and one two three!!!!

Stevenson, WA


Great tasting water but filter doesn't last long


I love our water filter because it is so easy to just flip and have great tasting water! No more filling pitchers or buying bottled. The only thing I don't like is that the filters are pricey and we drink so much water they don't last long.

Ashburn, VA


PUR ClassicClear Vertical Mount Faucet Filter

4.8 5