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PRESTO Pizzazz pizza oven

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Wouldn't Have Believed It If I Hadn't Tasted It


I've had more than a few at-home pizza ovens, trays, bakers and specialty stones that all promised to make the best pizza ever. When I saw the Pizzazz I had to laugh because only an eighth of the pizza is under the heating arm at any given time. The rest of the pizza is rotating at a slow but steady pace. If you see this thing in action, it still looks like it is going to be a piece of junk but once you try it and work out the times you need to cook your pizza you will be surprised. I like a hearty crust so I roll out my dough and cook it for about five minutes until it starts to rise. After that I add the sauce, cheese and toppings while it is turning on the Pizzazz. Now it's just a waiting game before everything is melted and that golden brown color starts to develop on the edges. The best part about this, at least for me, is that I don't have to walk up and down steps to put the pizza in the oven, go down again to check on it and then another trip down to get the cooked pizza. It doesn't heat up your kitchen the way an oven does so if you want to serve up homemade pizza in the summer you can. Most stores price these in the $40.00 range but if you make a lot of homemade pizzas it is more than worth it.



PRESTO Pizzazz pizza oven

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