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Wood Filler
PL FIX Latex Wood Filler

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Would've Been Better Off Using Epoxy


Okay, maybe this is a case where I should blame the user (me) and not the product, but I found this to be a tricky product to use. PL Fix Wood Filler is a grainy-textured filler that can be used to fill holes, dents, and gouges in wood surfaces. Even though it ultimately worked, I found that it was tricky to work with. I think I would have better luck with a product that had a different consistency, but I'm willing to accept that my skill level was as much to blame as the product. Therefore, I'll recommend it because I ultimately ended up with great results. Overall Quality The directions stated to "overfill cavity slightly" but that was easier said than done. The grainy texture of the filler made it difficult to keep the filler in the hole I was trying to fill. It mostly ended up drying on my fingers. After numerous attempts I finally got the gouge filled. It dried quickly and I was able to sand it out easily. Unfortunately, it didn't remotely resemble the color of my oak cabinet, so I had to mix a couple of stains in order to camoflauge the repair. Durability The durability of the wood filler was excellent. Since I made the repairs, the filler hasn't shrunk or separated. In fact, it hasn't changed in appearance at all.

Chicagoland, IL


PL FIX Latex Wood Filler

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