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PEFCU - Visa

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I really enjoy using my PEFCU Visa debit card


I have had my PEFCU Visa debit card for about two years now and I thoroughly enjoy using it.  It is very convenient.  It can be used either as a debit card or a credit card.  The card is tied to my bank account which does not allow for purchases unless there is enough available in the account to cover the charges.  When using the credit part and signing my name for purchases and I am able to receive points which can be redeemed for a variety of prizes and rewards.  The PEFCU Visa debit card allows me to make purchases when I need to but also cuts down on the need to carry cash with me, which is beneficial to me because I am trying to cut down on spending money in order to stick to a budget.  There is no interest rate attached to the PEFCU Visa debit card and I am able to get cash from several different ATMs when I have to.  I can also get cash back when making purchases.  The PEFCU VISA debit card has definitely made my life a little easier and has made making purchases more convenient.

Lafayette, IN


PEFCU - Visa

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