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P.F. Chang's Home Menu
P.F. Chang's Home Menu Shanghai Style Beef

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Fast, easy delicious weeknight meal


I love the taste and how easy it is to make this meal. The vegetables taste great and still remain crisp. The meat is great for a frozen meal. It talkes about 15 minutes to make and I normally serve with PF changs egg rolls or additional veggies. I havent tried other flavors but plan on it



P.F. Chang's Shanghai Style Beef Gets a Passing Grade


I had very high excpectations for loving P.F. Chang's Shanghai Style Beef dinner since it is a well known name, but I should have not gotten my hopes up too high. This is a frozen dinner for two and as most frozen dinners, it contains a high amount of sodium. P.F. Chang's Shanghai Style Beef can be prepared on the stove top or microwave and either way is fairly quick considering this is a meal. I chose the stove top method in which the directions state to cook on a medium-high heat for 7 minutes, stirring often. I found that it took a few minutes more than 7 to throughly heat the contents of the package. Taste Test P.F. Chang's Shanghai Style Beef dinner contains beef, onions, red peppers and green beans in a tangy, but sweet red sauce. I found the sauce was very good, but a bit too sweet. This of course is probably a personal preference. The meat was plentiful and the contents served two people as the product claims. We even had some left over. I thought the meat wasn't of the best quality but it was very tender. I also thought this dinner should have come with a packet of rice or lo mein. It didn't fill my husband up and seemed a little bare served alone. My biggest complaint about this product was the high sodium content of 1010mgs according to the nutritional information on the package. This is too high for those that have high blood pressure and have to limit sodium in their diet. Overall, the dinner was good but not excellent by any means, it just has a big negative with the high sodium content to be considered a healthy meal for most people. I can only recommend this product as "average" at best. Disclaimer: I received a coupon to pick this item up at the grocery store free from Viewpoints in exchange for an honest review of the product, for which I have provided here.

Greenwell Springs, LA


P.F. Chang's Shanghai Style Beef really surprised me!


I have to admit, I had low expectations for P.F. Chang's Home Menu Shanghai Style Beef. I haven't had much luck with frozen, Asian meals, and I expected this to be along the same lines - low-quality ingredients, gross sauce and barely any food. I am happy to report that I really liked this meal and would totally buy it again! A bag of **P.F. Chang's Home Menu Shanghai Style Beef **is a frozen "meal for 2". P.F. Chang's describes this meal as: "Beef with a sweet and savory sauce, onions, string beans and red bell peppers." With the exception of sweet & sour chicken, I'm not too crazy about sweet and savory crossing paths on my dinner plate, but this particular meal looked the best of all the varieties, so I chose it anyways...and I'm very glad. This meal is extremely easy to make. Simply throw it in a pan and cook it until it is piping hot. You can microwave it, but the directions strongly urge you to cook it on the stove, so I did. Unlike the sauces in ALL the frozen, Asian meals I've tried, this sauce is not obnoxious. Yes, it does have a slight sweetness, but it works extremely well with the savory part of the sauce. Together, it's a perfect Asian sauce with nuances of garlic and a general richness. The meat is exactly like the meat in your traditional beef & broccoli. It's tender and goes perfectly with the veggies P.F. Chang's has chosen; especially the green beans since they're crunchy. There's a good balance of texture, but I would like a little more texture from something like a water chestnut or something along those lines. I truly love **P.F. Chang's Home Menu Shanghai Style Beef**, and would totally buy it again. I gave it 4 stars because I want a little more texture, but mainly because I feel it isn't a complete meal without rice or noodles. When I think of a "meal", I think of a complete meal and in that sense, this isn't complete since there is nothing included like rice or noodles. Had there been a side dish to complete this "meal", I probably would have given it 5 stars. It definitely earned it on flavor.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Rather disappointing - tasty but not healthy


I recently was given the opportunity to test a PF Chang's Homne Menu item by the folks here at Viewpoint. I selected the Shanghi Style Beef. This wasn't my first choice in terms of the menu options, but it had the lowest sodium content of the options in my grocer's freezer case that day (can't remember which two were missing, but two varieties were sold out). Lest's start with the pros. It is very handy to have on hand in the frezer for a quick dinner. It is super easy to prepare - it takes longer to cook the rice than it did to prep the entree on the stove top (rice 25 minutes, entree less than 15). The sauce is very tasty. I enjoyed it very mudh and it complimented the meat and vegetables well. The green beans are the very best frozen beans I have ever had - and I am **extremely** picky about frozen vegetables, especially when they are mixed together in a frozen entree or vegetable blend. Tender and flavorful, they are just a notch below fresh picked from the garden and a coouple notches above the fresh ones at the grocery store that have been off the plant for days. And now the cons. Too much meat and not enough vegetables are in the entree. This dinner would benefit from more of the veg and less meat - it would highlight the tastiest part of the meal and improve the health profile at the same time. When I buy a quick alternative to a made from scratch dinner, I also look for one that provides a healthy balance of protein to vegetables. And them there is the sodium content, which is outrageous. A single serving of this entree provides 1010 mg of sodium - 42% of your recommended daily intake! What is worse it that I chose this entree because it had the lowest sodium content of the available varieties. I decided to check out the nutritional information at the PF Change website. The sodium content varies from a low of 32% (Sweet & Sout Chicken) to a high of 56% (Shrimp Lo Mein)! This entree was the second lowest. Prepared foods generally have higher sodium content, but this is just way too much. The bottom line? If you want a tasty product to keep on hand for busy nights, if it a flavorful option. But beware, it is not a healthful choice.

Minneapolis, MN


P.F. Chang's Home Menu Shanghai Style Beef

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