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Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener OW04A

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So easy with the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener.


July of last year I was dancing at a local Eagle's club, and an elderly gentleman lost his balance, fell backwards, knocked me down, and fell on top of me. My right wrist was broken, and my hand was angled to the side. So I now have a titanium plate, steel rod, and 7 screws in my right wrist. I can't open cans, twist lids off, or open bottles of wine. So I was delighted with the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Wine Pourer, Stopper, Foil Cutter and Elegant Recharging Stand, in Rubberized Black. It has to be charged up for 8 hours, by plugging it into an electricity socket. Once done it will open up to 40 bottles. I am not a big drinker but enjoy the odd glass of wine. I checked on the leaflet that came with the Wine Bottle Opener, and it looked so simple. First take the foil cutter out of the back of the stand, that holds the bottle opener, and place it around the top of the wine bottle. Next twist it, and the foil comes off. So much easier than trying to peel it off. All I have to do is hold the bottle in one hand, and place the Ozeri Electric Wine Bottle Opener on top of the wine bottle, making sure it is upright. Then press the bottom button, and out comes the cork. It is inside the opener, so by pressing the top button it is released. So simple. The bottle opener sits in the charging unit ready to be used again. Both Len and I have used it, and I love the fact that I can now open bottles, with my useless right wrist. It does state on the leaflet that: It may experience problems with a small percentage of plastic/synthetic and undersized corks. If so the cork should be removed manually. It really does look elegant, and friends are impressed when they come over. I was asked if they brought the wine, could they use the bottle opener. No problem, as long as it stays with me. Ease of Use Once charged, nothing to do but press a button. A piece of cake. Durability I have used it for a month and it seems really strong, and durable. Design Elegant, to say the least. Impress your guests with one.

New Port Richey, FL


Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener OW04A

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