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Stir-fry Wok
Ozeri Green Earth Wok

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It's Not Really A Wok, It's A Deep Frying Pan


When I cook with a wok I want something with high sides so that I can actually flip vegetables and meat. This is a nicely made pan but that's all it is, a slightly larger than normal frying pan. For people that only want to steam vegetables or make a stir fry this is the ideal pan to work with and it is non-stick but it doesn't have the base size needed to make larger dishes for two or more people. The perks of the Green Earth Wok from Ozeri are numerous; it is non stick, you can buy a clear glass lid (some have the lid packaged with it for a higher price), it cleans up easily and it can be used on gas or electric stoves. The handle is a decent length so if you are cooking things with a high flame your hand won't be in the way when you are moving the wok around. The bottom of the wok has the even heat distribution ceramic design; this makes it a good pick for braising meat but the sides of the pan can cause scorching if the heat is too high and nothing is being tossed or moved around. More than a few times I ended up with scorched pieces of meat when I neglected to move the wok around to keep the sides from getting super-heated. For casual cooks, this is one of the best mid-sized woks on the market but if you need something to make large meals in you are going to find it to be too small. If you have a large standard wok that you can combine things in and want to pre-cook certain items in this, that is an option. I use this mostly to cook things for making omelets; you can cut everything up and cook them then use a regular frying pan to make the actual omelet. Ease of Cleaning If you get drips or grease on the sides, clean it up immediately or you will end up with marks on the wok.



Non Stick Coating Goes Away


I had to try this because this was marketed as green, eco friendly, void of toxins. It's a ceramic coating that is made from nature, that provides non stick performance that does not release any toxins or fumes at all. It's quite interesting and I wanted to see whether or not it would compare to what we traditionally use. So, when it's new it's pretty great. The coating works as described and nothing sticks. But over a period of time, it appears that the food will start to stick at the bottom and the cleaning is much harder. I believe that the non stick coating goes away over time. If you complain about this to Ozeri, you will know that they won't do anything about this at all. Right now it is sitting in my drawer and haven't been used for a long time. I'm quite disappointed in this offering and it's definitely not worth the price point. Read other reviews and note that the initial review is good, but few months down the drain, the coating will go away



I couldn't live without my Ozeri Green Earth Wok.


When it comes to cooking, I like products that are made to last. The Ozeri Green Earth Wok has a limited lifetime warranty, as long as you treat it right, it will last forever. I not only use it as a wok, but do various cooking in it. By priming it with oil before use, and doing this once a month, my wok stays as good as the first day I used it. I have made my stir fry meals in it, the base for my Sheperd's pies, and so much more. I keep it on a medium heat, and it seems to cook faster than with my other pans. I love the fact that it is green, and doesn't give off harmful chemicals. It is PTFE, and PFOA free. Treat your Ozeri Green Earth Wok right, by reading the one page user guide, and you will fall in love with it. Doesn't Stick As good as the first day I used it. Heat Distribution Even cooking. Ease of Handling A little on the heavy side, but I love that. Ease of Cleaning When cold, wash with soapy water, rinse, and dry. Design Love it. Durability Will be using it for years.

New Port Richey, FL


Ozeri Green Earth Wok

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