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Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

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Is NOT non-stick!!! Made in CHINA, that should say it all.


Many, many things stick to this frying pan. Would NEVER purchase again. AND company ignores correspondence. Doesn't Stick Many food items do stick including BACON.! When I read GERMANY on product, my thoughts were should be good product but then I found it is actually made in CHINA. Heat Distribution Just average. Ease of Cleaning Is easy to clean with a little effort. Durability Only reviews that can comment on durability would be later on.



this pan is tremendous


This frying pan is pretty much the best pan I have ever bought and tried. It's a little more expensive than some but it's not a luxury item to scare you away from it. First off, this is really a non stick pan and it's not just a claim to entice buyers. It really is non stick as I've used it on a variety of foods and as long as you spray it with some cooking oil from time to time, it's great. It's also a very good size so you there's plenty of room to cook a good size dinner for the whole family. It's non scratch as the pan looks brand new from the years I've had it. I can't say for sure that the coating is environmentally friendly as the product claims but the coating hasn't cracked even a little bit and no scratches from all my days of using it. The handle has no rubber handle so if you're a fan of those kind of pans, this product may not be for you. The sizes come in 10 and 12 inches so there are no smaller ones and it also comes in a wok variety as well.

San Diego, CA


Ozeris is a good alternative


This is a good alternative to PTFE coated pans. It works well and seems to have a really good heft. A real quality product. The color is a little too bright for my taste and there is no choice, but other than that I would recommend it. I got the one with the bumpy surface and they say it is also good for searing meat. I have not used it in that way yet, but intend to in the future..

Saint Petersburg, FL


My favorite piece of cookware!


I love non-stick cookware but I don't love the risk of cancer associated with it. When Ozeri introduced their Green Earth Frying Pan I was so happy because those risks have been eliminated! It's a great pan that requires little maintenance. Every few weeks I give it a thin coat of olive oil and that's it! It cooks great! I have the 12 inch pan AND the wok and I will be getting the 10 inch pan next. It is my favorite piece of cookware! I have now had the pan for 8 months and it still cooks like it did on day one. I have had no issues with scratches or peeling. Ozeri makes a great product!

Rapid City, SD


Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

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