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Ozark Trail
Ozark Trail Mini LED Camp Lantern

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This lantern has multiple purposes not just for camping.


This little lantern is amazing. It's not only used for camping purposes, but also used for when the power goes out, night fishing, sitting by a fire, and for most kids the most fun is night sled riding. These lamps are so bright and can be used for pretty much anything and you never half to worry about propane or wicks running out. Just stay stocked up on batteries. Now of days LED lights are not only bright but are also the most popular light around which are being used in household lights and in hanging garage lights. This product is awesome and I would recommend it for anyone.



Love these little lanterns


We borrowed a friends mini LED lantern while at a camping event. We liked them so much I bought two when we went to town to get supplies at Walmart. They are small so they pack in pretty much anything and use AA batteries. I am planning on getting some rechargable AA batteries and a solar charger so I can simply reuse the batteries in it. We left them on all night for two nights and it didn't drain the batteries. They provide enough light to provide ambient light or up close for task lighting. I wouldn't try to read a book by one all night long but the LED uses far less power than other types of lighting so it is well worth the trade-off. I think these things are great and plan to buy two more to take camping.

Sioux Falls, SD


How do the batteries go in the mini led camp lantern?


I just bought the Ozark trail mini led camp lantern and for the life of me I can't figure out how to put the batteries in. Maybe something is missing in mine. It didn't come with directions, it says it takes 4 AA but when I put them in the bottom, they float around in there, there is nothing to hold them in place. I was really excited when I bought it but I am getting more disappointed by the minute.

Spring Grove, PA


Really convient.


Just bought this little lantern for a recient camping trip and it was so handy.  I'm a tent camper and when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night this came in very handy.  Not to bright but just enough!

Reedsport, OR


ozark trail mini led camp lantern


I got this for a present for my camper. The only red light that blinks is the middle one. I am not even sure if it is supposed to do aything else the instructions do not even tell how to switch the different lights. It was dissapointing to say the least.

Burnsville, MN


Ozark Trail Mini LED Camp Lantern

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