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Oxyfresh Mouth Rinse

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Tingly Clean


My dentist recommended Oxyfresh Mouth Rinse several years ago. At the time, I had never heard of it; I'm so glad I gave it a try. After using it, my mouth truly feels clean. Unlike so many other mouth rinses that I have tried in the paste, Oxyfresh Mouth Rinse doesn't sting or burn. Oxyfresh has a pleasant tingle that lets you know that it's working. It rids my mouth of bad breath-causing bacteria and strengthens the overall health of my gums. My breath smells great after using it, and the good breath lasts so much longer than other mouth rinses. I love the variety of flavors and that you just need a little bit to do the job. Oxyfresh leaves my entire mouth feeling refreshed and clean. I use it both morning and night after brushing my teeth with Oxyfresh toothpaste. Oxyfresh has a whole line of products that I am exploring. So far, I've only used the mouth rinse and toothpaste, and I absolutely love the rinse!



a good mouth wash that is not minty


I like this mouth rinse that was recommended to me by my dentists office because it does not break down or stain dental work. Some with alcohol in them do.  I was always a minty mouthwash user until this one. Oxyfresh mostly tastes a little like salt water (not a strong taste).  You just swish it around in your mouth for a minute and dont drink or eat for 30 min afterwards.  It is a light tasting rinse that contains floride so that it is an aide to your dental health and kills bacteria that helps bad breath.  It may not be for everyone...especially if you need that totally minty, fresh feeling after using a mouthwash.

Toledo, OH


Oxyfresh Mouth Rinse

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