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Owens Corning
Owens Corning Supreme AR shingles

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Never again


We purchased these shingles for our home/business. This is my experience and opinion of this product. We used the AR shingles on three of our buildings. They are beautiful and worked in really well with our cabin theme. We had them put on by a professional. After 5 years they were literally falling apart on all buildings. We called Owens and Corning because they have a supposed gaurentee. They refused to do anything about it. So, a gaurentee is only as good as the company. It's really a shame because the shingles were really beautiful. I will never knowingly buy anything with the name of Owens and Corning name attached. They did not stand behind their product. It's a name I will never trust again.


Georgia USA


Even a Newbie Can Install Owens Corning Supreme AR Shingles


Our shed sprung a leak in the roof. A big one. I didn't want to fork over the money to have someone put shingles on the roof, so being the industrious person that I am, I asked my step-father to tell me how to do it, and then we got busy after I bought these **Owens Corning Supreme AR Shingles**. What I Like About Owens Corning Supreme Shingles: - They have the same colors year after year, which is important if patching (which I wasn't, but we got a couple of bundles extra just in case we need them in the future). - They are easy to cut - just turn it over and slice as you like with a utility knife. It's amazing that these are sturdy on the roof since they do cut so easily. - The ones on our house have lasted for quite a few years with almost no wear that I can see. - They have a strip that sort of melts once you put them on so that the next layer will be more secure. What I Don't Like About Owens Corning Supreme Shingles: - They are a LOT heavier than they look, but I could carry a bundle up the ladder to the roof by draping it over my shoulder...barely. It's a great workout trying to get all of them onto a large cart and into a truck bed too. - Being able to drive a nail through them seems to depend more on the quality of the wood behind them than on the shingles themselves. I could drive some nails pretty easily and others were a real bear. - They get very HOT when the sun is shining. I absolutely felt like my brain was turned into scrambled eggs by the time I got done doing the second side in near 90 degree weather, and you can easily get clothing and shoes stuck to the sticky stuff if you're trying to move up to the next layer. (I did get plenty of water and got a long extension cord and hooked up a fun to blow on me.) - Some of them were broken by the time I got them home. I was careful when I was trying to get them home, but it's frustrating to have some broken before you even use them. They are only packed in plasic wrap, which is probably also a good thing because it doesn't weigh very much. **My Viewpoint:** This was my first experience putting shingles on a roof. I won't quit my day job. I know why people charge so much to do a roof. It's a hot, hard, and dirty job, but I was able to do it and am glad I know how now. The shingles we have on our house have lasted for years, and they are the same type. I would recommend getting lighter shingles (I used Estate Gray) if you're doing it yourself in hot weather because the darker they are, the hotter they tend to get. Make sure that whoever is loading the shingles is very careful to avoid breaking them, but if you're going with the cheap route, you can use the broken ones to create a ridge cap.


Piedmont, NC


Owens Corning Supreme AR shingles

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