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Our Pets Smartscoop Automatic Litter Box

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Smartscoop Automatic is quite Problematic


Like most people, I love my cats. I don't love their litterbox. After much debate, I decided to try one of those automatic kitty scoopers I continously heard about on t.v. The pricetag was just the beginning of horrors... Self essembly required. I don't much mind that, but everything had to be exact, it took three tries to get it working consistantly. Once it was up and moving properly, the sound of it running deterred the very cat I got it for. After a while, nature called and she was forced to use it. I thought from then on it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately for me, to have the teeth of it glide, they had left a good centimeter gap from tooth end to litter box bottom. Little peices kept sliding under it. And if she got sick, her reminents were too heavy for the machine to lift. The litterbox works with a sensor, knowing when there is movement and then proceeding on combing afterwards. Great unless the stool is soft still. In the end, only 1/3 of my cats waste actually made it into the wastebin. The other 2/3? Either still in the litterbox, or stuck to the teeth. The machine that was supposed to make cleanup easier made even more of a mess to clean up! The plus side? At least I can say that I've tried an automatic pooper scooper.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Our Pets Smartscoop Automatic Litter Box

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