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Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

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Great, non-crunchy gel for fine curly hair


Yes, it's more expensive--but I think it's worth it. The Ouidad product line is formulated specifically for curly hair, and it's sulfate-free, which helps with frizz control as well as curl shaping. I have a ton of baby-fine, dry, wavy-curly hair, and a nickel-sized dollop of the styling gel is plenty to help my curls keep their shape and not frizz out, and not weigh my hair down. Really, less is more. I've used it in really dry climates (Utah) and really humid climates (Washington & Florida) and it's worked really well in both. I'd strongly suggest following the instructions on the bottle (and going to the Ouidad website for more details)--start at the ends & work up, don't run your fingers (or a brush!!) through your hair, pat the curls up & shake them, don't scrunch, etc. I've even used the gel on a "recycled hair" day, where I just spray my hair down with water to revive the curl, then rub a teensy bit of gel (literally kernel of corn sized) between my hands, gently pass your hands over the bottom half of your hair, and shake. I definitely recommend the Ouidad line for anyone who wants to let their natural waves and curls have their way instead of fighting with them all the time. :)


Salt Lake City, UT


Incredible product for curly hair if you're willing to spend.


This is a hair gel product that can be purchased in salons, but I don't think it's super easy to find. I am very low maintenace and have very curly hair, and it makes my curls look prettier than any other product. The curls end up separated and not in huge clumps, and the frizz is gone. It is rather expensive though.


Silver Spring, MD


Excellent Styling Gel for Curly Hair!


I received a sample of Ouidad Climate Control gel recently and here is my review. I have naturally curly hair and this product is perfect for my hair type! I put it in my damp hair and let the curl set, then later add a little more to stop the frizz...Its light weight and not sticky or greasy. I would give this product 2 Thumbs up!


Big Lake, AK


great curls


I am always getting compliments on my curls. I had my first curly hair cut by Ouidad 5 years ago. I am finally at peace with my hair. My hair is very curly and if stretched straight, it is halfway down my back. It curls up a little below the shoulders. In the summer I use the Climate Control Gel as opposed to the Curl Quencher line. Big difference in the humidity. I wash it approx every 4-5 days. All her gel has to be applied to very wet hair and once you rake it it, don't touch it. Use a diffuser to dry and to soften if it feels stiff, use her Pomade or even a Morrocan Oil and it will soften in an instant and the curls will stay. Cannot live without Ouidad gel!


Annandale, NJ


Overpriced but decent


Being a curly girl who is always on the look out for a great product to really eliminate frizz, I was so excited to try Ouidad. I looked at her Before and After pictures and was sure this was the answer to my frizz problems. Well, I was definitelyl disappointed. This product is good, but it doesn't work a whole lot better than the product I already use. So in my book, that makes it not worth the price! Why pay so much when I can get a huge bottle of Bioterra Gel for a quarter of the price of the same size bottle at Ouidad. I was also using the shampoo and conditioner from Ouidad, so I know that using the wrong shampoo or conditioner was not the issue. Plus, I have been told on several accounts (by several different stylists that are certified in cutting curly hair by DEVA) that they just don't use the highest quality ingredients.


Lehi, UT


ouidad gel is great!


I have naturally curly hair that can be hard to manage at times. I found the Ouidad brand by chance thru a facebook link for free samples. After trying this product, I broke down and bought some. I say broke down because it is VERY pricy for hair stuff. The climate control heat and humidity gel is my favorite of all the ouidad products. It does not leave your hair feeling like straw. Your hair, at least mine anyway, feels like there is nothing on it, and it has a nice fragrance to it also. The only downside I found, besides the price, is that it seems to "stick" to my hands and I have to wash them a couple times to get it off. If you want to try this, but are unsure because of the price, they often run free sample promotions on their web site.


Birdseye, IN


Great product for crazy curly hair!


I have frizzy, curly hair. Right now it is about shoulder length and on a good day curls to be a little bit shorter than that. I only heard of Ouidad after I heard that they were offering free samples on the Heat and Humidity Gel. I loved that little packet so much that I went ahead and bought a full-size bottle. This stuff is great! My curls have always been a little wild and I have always had frizzy hair. I can go out the door on a drizzly day and by the time I make it to class you wouldn't guess that I spent even two minutes trying to tame it. Enter Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. I put this on my hair right after a shower and use a loose version of the Ouidad 'rake and shake' technique. More often than not my curls dry beautifully. Best of all, my hair is more resilient to wet, windy weather. It is not a perfect weather shield, but if I reapply a little after being outside it's good as new! I would highly reccommend this product! It is a little pricey, but it works!


Newcastle, WA




I first tried this product when I got a free sample in the mail.  Like many free samples I have recieved, I thought that this product would just be your average hair cream.  However, right after I put this product on my hair, I was shocked at how the ends of my hair were no longer frizzy but actually smooth and shiny!  I was so excited since I have tried many products only to get little preformance.  I had given up on all hair products doing wonders with my hair and so when I tried this product I was in for a pleasant shock! I then went to buy a full size bottle of this product and was somewhat unnerved at how expensive this product was.  However, the amount of money that I had spent on previous products that didn't work is more still than on this product.  My recommendation would be to spend the little extra that this product costs and make the investment.  It was certainly worth it for my hair and I feel like a million bucks!


Chicago, IL


Ouidad is just OK


     I am willing to try just about any new beauty product out there just to see if it actually works for me and does what it says it will do.  I recently signed up for a product sample of the Ouidad climate control heat and humidity gel and thought I would put the rake and shake method to the test.  I wasn't too impressed with how it made my hair feel after using it.  It left it feeling a little too crunchy and stiff.  Also my hair never looked like it had dried at all, it left it 'wet' looking and I'm not really into that style of hair.  Maybe this product didn't work so well on my hair because my hair is just wavy not extremely curly.  Who knows... but now I know that it does NOT work for me but I will recommend it to my curly haired friends who have more curl than wave.   Maybe they will get the desired look with this product.  The one bonus from this product is that it DID tame my frizz which is always a plus in my book. 


Round Lake, IL


Weightless controlled curls.


Although **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel **is expensive, it works. I have long hair, but it takes only a little **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidilty Gel** to control my curls and the effects last all day. I live in Tennessee and the humidity is often a problem with my curly hair. I was skeptical that **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel** would work for me, but lo and behold, it did! **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel** leaves your hair shiny with defined, beautiful curls. Other products leave your hair crunchy or sticky, but **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel **leaves your hair light and smooth. I apply it to my hair when it is damp then let it air dry, as this yields the best results. In addition, **Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel** has a light, pleasing scent, which is always nice. I would highly recommend this to anyone with curly hair, especially those who have fine hair and tend to have fly-aways.****


Johnson City, TN


Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

4.5 17