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Otterbox Defender-Series Hybrid Case HTC Cell Phone

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Rugged case for your HTC


The case is durable, protective and stylish. I just wish that there were more color options. One of the down-sides to this case is the belt-clip design. I don't really use the belt clip often, but it breaks very easily. In fact, the clip broke when I was trying to remove it from the packaging! Another thing that is mildly irritating is that dust and very small debris particles get into the case and settle under the screen protector. I guess this is inevitable with any smart-phone case, due to the small opening for the phone's camera lens, etc. Additionally, because of the way that the case fits over the phone, it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation with anyone by using the built[in microphone. When I talk to people on the phone, they can barely hear me and tell me that I sound muffled. So, I basically have to use my Bluetooth any time I talk on my phone. But, that is a sacrifice I am willing to make for the protection that this case provides for my phone. In summary, This case is designed with many layers of protections. I have no doubt that my phone could survive an earthquake without damage. Performance Rigid, sturdy design Voice Quality The case hinders the ability of your voice making to the phone's microphone Battery Life Umm....The Otterbox case does not effect the phones battery life Design Design is good, but it interferes with voice quality.



Otterbox Defender-Series Hybrid Case HTC Cell Phone

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