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OtterBox Commuter Series Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen - Hot Pink/White Case

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I would recommend this case for style or protection


I was surprised with how well this case worked. It was very durable. I dropped my device countless times while this case was on it and it never damaged my device or the case. I would recommend it without a doubt to keep your device form being broken or damages. You should still be careful, as it is still possible that damage could occur. It did make the buttons a bit more difficult to press; however, it wasn't terrible. Overall, it's a nice design and a reliable product. I never had any problems with it. Ease of Use This is only due to the difficulty to press the buttons on the device.



Excellent case even if it's a bit pricey


First off, I think it's excellent case overall. I realize not everyone can afford this kind of case, and for that reason they might just go with the body armor case. Having never actually used the body armor case, I don't know if it is good as quality as the OtterBox, but I know the OtterBox is excellent in impact scenarios, which I've had many of!! Sound Quality The case doesn't affect the found quality of the iPod at all... Performance Though I've it dropped again and again, it never breaks! And even if it does crack, OtterBox has the policy that they will replace it and if your iPod breaks too, they'll replace that too! Battery Life The case gets really warm when you charge the iPod, but that's pretty normal I think. Durability The case has held up for 8 months now, well have to see if my luck holds. Ease of Use This is where it could be improved. OtterBox cases can be a little tricky to clean, as they are 2 parts, which require fitting them back together just right, which can be challenging. Design Really pretty great case, not much to change on the design...



OtterBox Commuter Series Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen - Hot Pink/White Case

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