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Oticon Duel Mini Hearing Aid

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best hearing aid ever owned so far


***I love the Oticon hearing aid it has worked great for me as a profound hearing loss person I recommend this aid if you need power. The only problem I have with all hearing aids is the moisture it accumilates from me sweating and moisture ruins hearing aids!***

Montgomery Village, MD


The perfect choice for so many reasons


When I realized I was having trouble hearing, I went in for the testing and was told I would benefit from hearing aids. There was progressive loss compared against my previous testing, and needed hearing aids that could accommodate tech use as well as singing.  I did a lot of research and found the Oticon Duel Mini. The size is pretty important to me, I hated the thought of wearing a hearing aid at any point, but especially when I think I should just be way to young to need it! The hearing aids are virtually undetectable when worn:  I have to point them out for any one to notice at all. There is a large number of colors available, and I chose one that blends in with my hair color-blonde-perfectly. I can hear things ten miles away! Not quite, but I had to relearn how to block out background noise in the best way possible. I can use blue-tooth with these hearing aids, and a host other use options are available. The technology is utterly amazing, including the fact that these hearing aids *communicate* with each *other* to maintain optimum sound quality.  

Kempner, TX


Oticon Duel Mini Hearing Aid

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