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Oster Wide Slot 2-Slice Toaster

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The best little toaster around


This is the cutest toaster and it really works. . It is light weight and stores easily. The wide slots are great for bagels, frozen waffles and even hamburger bums. . The stainless/and red combo of colors is really good looking. Toasting Evenness I was a little concerned that a light weight, inexpensive toaster would work very well but this little toaster works great and I love that it is easy to pick up and place under the counter. The only issue that I have had with this toaster was getting the toast the shade of brown that I wanted. There are simple adjustment on the toaster and once you get it like you want it is easy to have perfect toast. I even toast frozen bread and it comes out perfect. Safety The cancel button to me is a safety feature. If your bread starts getting to brown, you can just hit cancel and up pops the bread. Oster makes great products and I have complete confidence in their products. Ease of Cleaning This toaster can just be wiped down on the outside and cleaning the crumb tray is not a big deal and once you brush it off it can even be placed in the dishwasher. r. Durability The toaster is light weight however I have used the toaster for several months without any problems. Design The red color is sleek and smart looking. I don't even mind if the toaster gets left out on the counter. It has enough setting to choose from that everyone can have their toast just the way they want.



This toaster is both functional and fun to look at!


I love the Oster 2 slice wide slot toaster! I actually purchased this item on color alone, but was suprised and delighted with the features it offers. This toaster has the all-important cancel button, wide slots perfect for bagels, several temperature/time adjustments, and a new-to-me feature for frozen items. There are buttons for: 1.Frozen 2.Cancel 3.Waffles 4.Bagel 5.Warm 6.Toast The Warm feature allows you to warm something up without actually toasting it or drying it out. This is great for pancakes and the like. Some things you'd like warmed, but don't exactly want "toasted" and this feature is perfect for that. I love that I don't have to fight with my husband over the lightness or darkness of the toaster's setting like we did with our old toaster. He likes his toast light, and I like my bagel well-toasted, so with the bagel feature, all I do is press a button to get my bagel toasted properly, and all he has to do is press a button to get his lightly done toast! We will never again have to worry about sliding the switch over for the other person (and possibly getting it wrong). I truly cannot say enough good about this toaster. We've had it for about a year now, and never had an issue with it whatsoever. Great product for a good price!

Reynoldsburg, OH


Oster 2 Slice is good once you figure out the touchy settings.


**Pros: **This toaster has a great sleek style in my opinion, two-toned in various colors - mine being black and silver, which goes great in a more mod-style kitchen.  It has several button options (frozen, toast, warm...) as well as a knob to adjust how done you want your food (see cons).  The slots on this toaster are a little wider than most so you can fit larger pieces of bread into it very easily without mauling the food.  Also, the adjustments and slider are very smooth.  I got this as a wedding gift, but when registering for it I do believe it was a decent price at Walmart. **Cons: **It took me a couple months to figure out the settings on this toaster.  One turn too many to the right on the adjustment knob, and the toast burns.  I have found a setting that works well so I leave it there, which is a little inconvenient when I have thicker or frozen items.   **Overall: **I really like the way the toaster looks, and it isn't that expensive, but I do wish that the settings were a little less sensitive so that 1 minor adjustment didn't = burned!

Midland, TX


Oster 2 slice Toaster works GREAT


I love my new Oster toaster! I happen to like my toast toasted dark and this one does the job. In my home every one likes their toast set at different levals of darkness and or light. This one does the trick! Very hard to find a toaster that has a dark setting and actually does toast dark.

Yacolt, WA


Box says wide slots, extra long slots false


Oster Toaster Model 6184. The packaging shows and says, extra wide slots, extra long slots but the slots are only 5 1/2 inches the usual size on all toasters. On the bottom of the box there is a disclaimer saying the product shown and described may not be what you get. How about that.

Livonia, MI


Oster Wide Slot 2-Slice Toaster

4.0 5