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Oster Tall Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

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Garbage. Broke on First Use.


I PURCHASED THIS PRODUCT MYSELF. I was extremely disappointed with this can opener. It broke the first time I used it. It kept falling over, wouldn't open the can, then cracked and broke.

Elmira, NY


Very reliable


We have owned this can opener for about 7 years now. No problems. Always does what its told. Oh, is that a knife sharpener in the back? Awesome, I'm gonna have to use that! I just cleaned it the other day too. Just pull off the magnet part and soak in warm water or in the dishwasher.



Oster Tall Can Opener 3147


I have had the Oster Tall Can Opener 3147 for almost a year now. I am still satisfied with its performance. I have found that can openers tend to have a short life span and eventually began to make a grinding or whirring sound while the gears slow down. My Oster Tall can opener is still going strong. Other than its durability, my favorite feature is the leng hand strength of the unit. I can use both tall and heavy cans and the magnetic hold will hold up. The can opener often opens the can my first time trying as well. This unit also features a knife sharpener that I have used a handful of times and it is sufficient. Overall, a good unit.

Nampa, ID


Good for it's looks only


This item sits on my counter waiting to go into the tag sale. It does not grip the cans well about 50% of the time, but when it does the little magnetic button always nicely grabs the lid. Performance This product is very frustrating to use. Horrible when you are opening a can of tuna and you get tuna juice splashed all over you. Half of the time it will not puncture the can and you have to keep repositiong it till it finally clicks. Durability It seemed great for the first few weeks and then it began to have trouble opening the cans. Design This can opener is very nice looking and cleans easily. The handle removes easily for cleaning and it even has a knife sharpener on the back.

Plainville, CT


Oster Can Opener perfect for larger cans


While most electric can openers can handle regular soup and vegetable cans, the large economy size and taller cans are a problem. The Oster Tall Can Opener works great with these taller and/or larger cans. It grips onto the edge of the can easily and cuts around cleanly. The sleek design is easy to wipe off if can contents splatter onto the opener. The lever/cutter easily removes for cleaning and is easily reattached. The knife sharpening feature is okay in a pinch. Not the best sharpener, but helps if you don't have another option. The opener is tall enough and compact enough to be stored on the counter by canisters, the coffee maker, etc. It blends in with any decor. While I prefer to leave it on the counter, it is lightweight enough to store in a cabinet if counterspace is at a premium.

Lenexa, KS


I love this


All my life I have used manual can openers. They are what my grandmother and my mother used. So I followed suit and used them as well. For years I had one good one. It seemed like it would last forever but sadly it met its fate and into the trash it went. I figured I would be able to pick up another one and be on my way. Not so easy, every other one I picked up would work for a couple of weeks and then it would only open up a can half way. I would have to keep turning and turning it and I was left with jagged edges. Not exactly safe. I never had one of these so I decided to give it a try. I decided on the Oster Tall can open because the color matched my kitchen and I like the idea that I could fit all sizes of can in it. The can opener worked like a charm. It is very quiet and quick. There are no jagged edges when I am done opening a can. The knife sharpener that comes with it is an extra bonus! It has sharpened my knifes perfectly.

Shirley, NY


Oster Tall Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

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