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Oster Microwave Oven

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Oster Microwave Oven does the Job


The Oster Microwave Oven is not necessarily a luxury item. While the casing is stainless steel and most likely designed to look and feel modern and match modern decor this made in China appliance is a glorified college level microwave. The simple flat panel with buttons that make sense is a great convinience for the user. The handle is quite ergonomic but often ends up covered with food stains and it is a bit more difficult to clean than an over with no handle. In terms of operation this is not a defrost machine nor is it a machine designed for complex microwave recipes as the heating can be quite uneven. This oven should be used mainly for reheating small portions or for the famous family microwave popcorn!

Mckinney, TX


Didn't last very long


I'm writting this review to review the Oster Microwave Oven OM1101. I have been using this microwave for just about 2 years. In that 2 years the inside has turned black on 1 side, it clicks on the outside when it is running. Whenwe first started using it it worked really well for about 6 months and then all of these problems started happening to it. I have made sure that we haven't put anything into it that would harm its heating ability but it still has these problems. With my previous microwave I had it for 12 years and the only reason I stopped using it was the plug in had gotton worn out and was a safety hazzard. The appearance of this microwave was very appealing and with the turn table I thought that would be a good feature and it was. We are still using this microwave now but will be searching for a different one soon. I don't believe that I would purchase another Oster microwave oven in the future.

Marshall, MI


Excellent Microwave with a great price tag.


My last mic decided to start with the door open! I searched the net and went out to buy this model microwave. It is the perfect size to put a 12" plate in, has a turntable and has a very nice silver finish. It also has a real door handle-none of that trying to pry the door open when the push button wears out! I would reccommend this mic to a single person as well as a family.

Peoria Heights, IL


Oster Microwave Oven

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