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Oster Metallic Silver 5-Cup 12-Speed Blender 6847


Turn on your creativity and blend your way to great health with Oster. This Oster 12-Speed Blender does it all: chops, whips, blends and crushes ice with ease. With a powerful 450-watt motor and stainless steel Ice Crusher blade, eating healthy has never been easier when you can make your favorite smoothie or frozen treat in just seconds. The large capacity 5-cup pitcher-style glass jar is thermal shock-tested to prevent shattering from extreme changes in temperature and features cup markings for easy measuring. The durable metallic silver design compliments any decor, while the Oster All-Metal Drive system ensures it will last.

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best blender I've ever had.


I love this blender I had one before this brand and absolutely hated it, it would wobble and at times leak from the lid was very annoying and difficult to deal with. Once I switched to the Oster brand I fell in love! Its amazing doesn't leak, its powerful enough to crush all my items in its blades!! I love to use it for special drinks and to make my salsas! Amazing would definitely be buying another when this one runs out



Low power. Burned out quickly.


Burned out motor after a couple of weeks of regular use. Replaced with high speed blender.

Valdosta, GA


Sufficient, but not amazing blender


I don't want to knock this blender entirely. It's perfect for a poor college student that likes to make juice smoothies or someone that would rather spend money eating out instead of on fancy home cookware appliances. It serves a purpose, just not especially well. Firstly, for ease of cleaning, which I'll get to later, the bottom of the blender screws off. This is exceedingly problematic if the bottom wasn't VERY tightly screwed on prior to blending. If you go to take the blender off the mount after blenderizing and accidentally twist, there is a decent likelihood you could untwist the bottom of the blender and end up with your pants, shoes, and kitchen floor covered in a flood of whatever you were mixing. As far as ease of cleaning, the gusto and power that this machine exerts is barely enough to chop ice consistently into pearl sized pieces much less release caked food from a teeny crevice. The blade and bottom are detachable, so you could soak the parts separately in a bowl of hot water, just being extra vigilant that the super sharp blade doesn't nick your hand. Great for lightly blending of protein shakes, but not so great for high pulp purée soups or frozen drinks with the expectation of a perfectly smooth consistency.

Chicago, Illinois


Sturdy and well built!!


I love this blender. It has a charming retro look and is small enough to fit any small corner. This blender is loud and powerful. The bottom of the glass container can be screwed opened, so that helps with cleaning it. The build quality of this blender seems to be fairly sturdy. The base of the blender is all metal with a little metal prong that spins the blades when the glass jar is attached. Most of the blending mechanism is metal except for a plastic grommet or something that screws onto base before you blend. An excellent choice of quality glass, plastics and metal went into the construction of this machine. OSTER has achieved near excellence with a very reasonable price. Oster should be proud of this product and I hope they keep selling it until eternity.

Arlington, VA


Doesn't Chop Ice, Everything Gets Stuck in the Blade


I BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT MYSELF. You get what you pay for. I have to crush the ice myself before I crush it in the blender because it's not powerful enough to handle it. I make smoothies in it, but everything gets stuck down in the blade, so I constantly have to stir it myself, then blend again.

Elmira, NY


Very good


This blender works really good. I never have any issues. Makes great drinks, milkshakes and even good to make my sofrito.



The best blender ever!


Perfect in all ways

Fajardo Puerto rico


you get what you pay for


I purchased my Oster 12-Speed Blender and a local mass retail store where i live, i also was smart enough to purchase the warranty. I had to switch this blender out 3 times in one year and they eventually refused to take it back the 4th time. It works just fine to blend soft foods but if you try to blend anything thick or rick it doesn't do well. It didn't blend my foods well at all. it left chunks behind. it also shook and was very unstable on my counter top every time I used it. I would definitely not recommend. I rather pay $20 more and get something that will work and meet my expectations

visalia ca


Amazing Blender


I bought this blender about 3 years ago when my husband and I first moved in together. It was the best decision I made. For the price you get a great blender. The only thing it seems to have some trouble with is ice. But I mainly use it for salsas anyways. It's very easy to clean and take apart. I highly recommend this blender.



I have bought 2


It was in sale at store and bought it about 5 years ago and a couple of months ago I bought abother one great for. The price



Oster Metallic Silver 5-Cup 12-Speed Blender 6847

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