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Oster Mechanical Food Steamer and Rice Cooker 5711

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Would buy again!


Very easy to use and awesome!




Healthy Meals Made Easy


My family always eats lots of vegetables and fish and I thought that this steamer would be a great way to cook those meals in a healthy way. The steamer is not expensive and I got it on sale for 26.99. It has two steamer baskets that stack on top of each other and then sits on a base where you put the water for the steam. It has a switch to keep it on for 95 minutes and a warm switch. You can program it for 12 hours. You can make anything in this steamer, vegetables, rice, fish, meat and I even steamed fruit in it. All the foods come out moist, tender, and delicious and you don't have all the added calories of cooking your food in a sauce, butter or oil. It steams the food evenly and quickly and your meals can be done in about 30 to 60 minutes depending on what you are cooking. It is just as easy as a crock pot, just put all your ingredients in the baskets and turn it on, the steam quickly heats up and cooks the food. It is very easy to clean up as well. It is very durable. It does take up a bit of space though but all of them do. I recommend it.


New Egypt, NJ


Nice for steam food, not for rice


As far as steaming food, this is a great appliance. It works well to put sausage in the top basket and veggies in the bottom basket. The sausage flavors the veggies nicely, while the grease drips down into the steam pan. Cooking rice is a bit more trouble. I have a rice cooker and it's much easier to use and clean. The design makes this difficult to store, unless you have a large cabinet. It needs to stay stacked up and is quite tall. I find that I don't use this steam very often and probably wouldn't buy it again. Design Hard to store


Lake Charles, LA


Amazing for cooking, terrible to clean


My fiance and I eat very healthy and from time to time we'll find the "next big thing" which we end up using for a week then putting away forever. I thought for sure when I bought this product it would very quickly fizzle out, but over a year later we still use it CONSTANTLY! This product is amazing because you are literally able to cook ANYHING in it. You should see the fat you can get off a pound of turkey meat by throwing it in there, gross! Everything comes out so much cleaner, and fresher tasting. I compare it to a health fanatic's "Crock Pot", not at all the same, but the concept of set it and forget it is there. The only thing that i HATE about it is cleaning it. EVERYTHING gets stuck in the cracks and crevices, if you are cooking veggies, this is amazing, rinse it out and its clean, but any other than that is terrible, even when thrown in the dishwasher!




A great Oster product


I really like this product as it makes steaming vegetables very easy. I have used it to cook rice and it does a great job there too, but I bought it mainly for the steaming of vegetables. It is a little difficult to fill as it takes a lot of water and you really have to get close to see the fine measuring lines on the plastic indicator. However, it starts steaming really quickly. Set the timer and then do whatever until your vegetables are ready. My model came with two separate steamer dishes and a rice dish and of course, the lid. The steamer basket are stackable so you can cook two different types of vegetables at the same time. It just seems to make sense to put the vegetables that take longer to cook on the bottom and then either add the others later or put the other steamer dish on top. Cleam up is really easy. One word of caution and that is that I have found that the steamer gets very hot, so be careful when lifting the lid. Also, it is a really good idea to let any water left in the base cool before moving the base to the sink or emptying it. All-in-all for the price, I find this a great addition to my kitchen as it is both versatile and lets me cook healthier foods.


Sacramento, CA


We love our Oster Steamer!


My husband and I purchased this Oster mechanical food steamer and rice cooker several years ago, and are still very pleased with it. We recommended it to his mother as well and she also purchased and loves it! We have not used this steamer for rice, so I cannot review that portion, but we have used it for many types of vegetables, and used both tiers at once to great success. My only real complaint is that one tier is much smaller than the other, so if you are doing two similar types of vegetables, you will have to cook less of one, and if you stack a lot into one tier, it doesn't seem to cook as well. We found we used the steamer the most when we were making our daughter's baby food (which it is great for steaming things to just the right softness!), but just having it in the house encourages us to use more fresh vegetables and a greater variety of them even now! We absolutely love this steamer!


Wrightstown, NJ


Steams Veggies Perfectly


After several attempts of me trying to steam vegtables over the stove, (and several calls to my mother in law for advice), my mother in law purchased this vegtable steamer for me.  I'll tell you this is one amazing little appliance.  I've steamed all kinds of vegtables in there (green beans, squash, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc...)and also even tortillas to warm them and it works great.  I've never tried the fish function on it or any of the meats (I prefer to grill or bake those), but for veggies it works perfectly and I can steam plenty (I have a large family of six).  The only annoying thing that I have to say about it is that it is large and takes up some space in my pantry I really don't have to spare, but I'd NEVER get rid of it.   I love this thing my veggies come out perfectly steamed with all the natural flavors intact and it works great with rice as well.   Love it.


Oklahoma City, OK


Great Steamer


I bought this steamer because my old one stopped working, I'm guessing because I had it a long time ago. Anyways, I really like this because it's not expensive and up to date. It works fast and get the food right everytime. The only thing I do not like is that for some reason my food cools off quick. Maybe cause its steamed but I do not remember my old steamer doing this. I would still recommend cause it gets the job done good and fast. It steams quick and leaves your vegtables nice. If anyone is looking for a steamer, I'd suggest you try this and review about it. It also has a lot of room. There is 3 in my family and makes enough and sometimes more. You should also look for it on cheaper websites like amazon or walmart rather than bestbuy.


Chicago, IL


Get steamed making dinner, in a good way!


LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! Let's face it, if you are like me, your cabinet is a graveyard of small appliances that you thought would make you a gourmet cook and you used them once, maybe twice........I'm guilty of that myself, but not with this one, it stays out on the countertop! It is very easy to use, just put water in the bottom and plug it in. It has several ways you can configure the steaming baskets, so you can keep veggies seperate if you wish. It steams up almost immediately and cooks veggies quickly. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE HOW DELICIOUS BROCCOLI IS WHEN STEAMED IN THIS APPLIANCE, TRULY! It makes eating healty easier. I will admit I've tried to use this to make rice and was not satisfied with it, maybe I need to give it another try, but that is the only reason I didn't give it four stars.


Oak Lawn, IL


Great for empty nesters!


My husband and I recieved this as gift for Christmas a few years back and to be honest it hasn't seen a ton of use. However when used it is great easy way to make dinner for one or two people, I tend to use just for us on those nights when our teenagers are not home. I think it will definately become a staple and front runner in my kitchen when we become empty nesters next year. It is easy to use and you don't have to babysit it in the kitchen like you would for pots and pans on the stove top. You can be outside on the patio grilling some chicken or fish while your veggies and rice get to work without you in the kitchen. I know that it will help us eat healthier in the long run as well as being conveniant in the kitchen once I am no longer cooking for 4 (or more) people. This isn't a great product for a family but awesome if single or hopping in the empty nest!


Oxford, MS


Oster Mechanical Food Steamer and Rice Cooker 5711

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