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Oster Kitchen Center

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Wonderful Stand Mixer


This is an exceptional stand mixer and every bit as good as a Kitchen Aid in my humble opinion. I've had mine for years and years and it has never failed to perform exceptionally well for me. I cook a lot and use this for anything I have to mix that requires more than a simple hand stir. I especially love it for home made mashed potatoes. I put the hot potatoes in, skins and all, and turn it on low using the paddle attachment. After a couple of minutes, I increase the speed and add the butter, salt and pepper in the convenient add spout on the bowl cover that comes with it. Finally I whip it at high speed adding milk and the potatoes come out fantastic. Even the skins stick to the paddle and I don't have to remove them for my grandkids. After portioning theirs out, I add the skins back in for the adult and give it a quick whirl to mix them back in. It works exceptionally well for making bread; and it make homemade butter so easily...add cream and salt and turn it on. In about 8 minutes, you have butter. Wonderful tool to have in my kitchen!

Memphis, TN


I love my Oster Kitchen Center


I could not afford to go out and buy a new standing mixer, so I waited a long time to get one. My friend was getting rid of her Oster mixer because it was so bulky and had so many attachments. I gladly accepted this mixer and it has become my best friend. I can mix cookie dough without breaking a spoon. I can still manage to get the whole kitchen messy, but now I can use less tools. I can involve my younger kids in cooking an mixing because they can turn the bowl, instead of using a hand mixer which they may stick their hands into, and get them caught, hence the name hand mixer. I love the versitility with all the parts. I mix my bread dough in the bowl, until just about done, I can also let it rise in the bowl. The arm comes off easily so you can remove the beaters and the bowl. In short, this is a really good buy. I know it has lasted me 4 years and my friend a good 10 years previous.

Escondido, CA


Very Good Long Lasting Mixer


I have had this since 1987 and still works great ( Knock on Wood ) I can not beleive that now for almost 24 years as it was a christmas gift it still works as good as I first got it. I really love it a lot as it even came with a blender and other attachments for useing things too. I don't know how much it was, but I recommend this product for others to buy if they sell one like this. Mixing Performance Very good for mixing anything Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean and attachments are dishwasher safe. Ease of Use Very easy to use. Design My design as it is a big unit but I do like it. Durability Very strong had no problems at all.

Libertytown, MD


My Oster Kitchen Center is an amazing,versitile tool.


My husband bought me the Oster Kitchen Center the Christmas before we were married...almost 32 years ago! The first ten years, I used it occasionally. Then we had triplets...and it got used daily. I made my own baby food to save money. I still use it almost every day even with the kids in college. I love the mixer and still have the original glass bowl. I use the chopper(think mini food processor) every day. The blender attachment gets a great deal of use when the kids are home for smoothies. I also have the pasta maker attachment and the sausage making attachment. I did have a plastic cover for it,but got rid of it because I hated having to take the cover off and on all the time. The motor is still running very well. After all these years, the writing on the dial is starting to wear off. But my two sisters both had the Oster Kitchen Centers for over 10 years, also. I am proud to show off the most important member of my kitchen to anyone who walks thru my kitchen! The Oster Company can always count on me as a loyal customer.

Doylestown, PA


Oster Kitchen Center

5.0 4