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Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer and Rice Cooker 5713

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Perfect Cooking with Oster Rice Cooker 5713


I had been wanting a rice steamer for a long time - I am one of those cooks that puts a cup of rice in a microwave safe bowl, 2 cups water and microwaves for 20 minutes and makes plain rice. I wanted the steamer to prepare zesty and fun rice dishes. My rice turns out perfectly but it seems to take a very long time. I no longer use the rice steaming option, but I love to steam vegetables and we have even done a crab leg dinner for friends which received rave reviews. I feel like I had to sit and wait for the rice to cook, of course I watched it the whole time, which is a little worse than waiting for water to boil! The steamer has an nice refill feature where you don't have to dismantle the unit to add water which is very helpful if you aren't quite done cooking/ steaming. The clear baskets make it easy to watch the progress of your steaming and clean up is a snap. I would recommend this product for use as a vegetable steamer!

Queen Creek, AZ


Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer and Rice Cooker 5713

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