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Oster Designer Slope 12-Speed Blender

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The hubster found a new way of making meals


We bought our blender several years ago and have used it about 15 times in that time. It was never really one of our main kitchen appliances and just stayed in the cabinet pretty much forgotten. Until the hubster decided to try something different. He opened up a can of unsweetened Pineapple chunks poured it into the blender, some ice, yogurt and some Splenda. The smoothie that came out was delicious!! It was unreal. Tasted better and healthier than the smoothies that you buy at the local trendy smoothie store. Since then, he's been blending all kinds of things. He's been making fresh salsas, pestos, sauces, chops nuts for brownies, you name it. He's gone blender happy!! But I don't mind. I'm reaping the rewards. That machine can blend or chop anything you want in no time at all. It's not the easiest machine to clean, however. The glass container is heavy and I'm klutzy. I do everything I can to NOT drop it. I would put it in the dishwasher but I'm afraid of it breaking (my paranoia talking here). That's my one and only deduction.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Oster Designer Slope 12-Speed Blender

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