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Oster Contemporary Classic Beehive Blender

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An ideal, simple blender


Pros: Durable. I've had the **Classic Beehive 4126 Osterizer 2-Speed Blender** for over 5 years now, and all of the components have held up admirably. The only deterioration I've seen is that the pitcher now sits a little loosely in the base, and vibrates around when blending. Stylish. My model has a bronze-colored base, with a simple silver switch, and looks very nice and unobtrusive in my tiny kitchen. Effective. Blends up both pina coladas and hummus like a charm. Easy to Clean. The pitcher dissasembles and reassembles with ease, so it's easy to clean thoroughly (watch out for the sharp blades though!) Cons: Noisy. That's the case with any blender. Two Speeds. Sometimes it would be nice to have options aside from "blend fast" and "blend very fast"

Eugene, OR


Osterizer Classic Blender = classic kitchen appliance!


I love my Osterizer Classic Blender! It is not a "fancy" blender - only two speeds - nor a "flashy" blender - classic chrome with a black lid - but it gets the job done! I use it for simple blending - mostly smoothies and milkshakes for the kids - and it works beautifully. I like that it has a nice, "weighty" pitcher that feels good in my hand when I pour my morning smoothie. I like that it looks like the one that is in my grandma's kitchen - she has an Osterizer, too - and that one day my three daughters may want one just like it in their kitchens. I like that it is still going strong after several years and will continue to blend for years to come. I don't need a blender with "bling" - just give me one with classic durability!

Charlotte, NC


Oster Contemporary Classic Beehive Blender

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