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Oster Bread Maker

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Oster Bread Machine 5839: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean


I love this bread maker - nothing like the smell of fresh bread! It makes a 2 pound loaf and all you have to do is dump the ingredients into the hopper. (It also makes dough for pizza!) The recipe booklet is handy, but I took the regular white bread recipe and made lots of changes, such as substituting some oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, and other grains for a cup of flour, used olive oil instead of vegetable oil, and sea salt instead of table salt! I can't keep a loaf of this bread longer than 3 days in my house -- everybody loves it.

Austell, GA


It's so easy it is to make my own bread in my Oster breadmaker!


I learned to make bread from scratch from my mother as a child, but it was so much work that I rarely did it.  Then my grandmother gave me an Oster Automatic Bread Machine.  It is so easy to use, that I rarely buy bread from the store anymore.  I just dump in the all natural ingredients and push a button.  Just a short time later (about 3 hours, I pull out a beautiful, golden loaf from the machine.  The only challenge is managing to make enough!  My kids will often gather in the kitchen waiting for the buzzer to sound so they can have a snack of fresh, hot crusty bread drizzled with honey!  The model 5839 gives me a full range of choices of settings, and lets me choose from 1, 1 1/2, and 2 pound loaves (although it's rare for me to make smaller than a 2 pound loaf!)  It even has a mid-cycle buzzer to let me add additional ingredients if I like.  I use the machine several times per week and can't imagine living without it now! 

Lolo, MT


Oster Bread Maker

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