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Oster Bread Maker

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Awesome Bread and Dough Processing for Dinner Rolls


I love my bread machine, as all I have to do is take 5 minutes to load the ingredients for either bread or dough for my dinner rolls, press a button, and wait. Cleanup is a breeze. My machine has been dependable for the past 4 years.


Milwaukee, WI


The Oster 5836 is easy to use and makes tasty bread


I have really enjoyed the Oster 5836 bread machine. It is very easy to use and not too persnickety to get good results. The nicest part is that you can use ingredients you have on hand. There seems to be no need to buy special yeast or packaged bread mixes. I would recommend bread flour when the recipes call for that. I have tried most of the recipes in the cookbook that came with the machine and all have produced very good results. I have also purchased other bread machine cook books and have been able use those recipes with good results. As I have used the machine I have been able to get more adventuresome by adding ingredients etc. The loaves of bread are good sized. They do not last as long as store bought bread because they have no preservatives. So you should plan to eat them quickly. I have also found that it is quite a money saver to make a loaf of bread rather than buying a loaf in the store. The bread texture is more heavy than you would find from a store bought loaf but it holds up well in sandwiches and toast is excellent. The dough setting is a wonderful feature. It cuts down the time required and allows you then to shape the dough into rolls, foccacia, etc. The recipe for pizza fabulous. I have gotten rave reviews from my family using this pizza dough. The whole baking process for a loaf is approximately 3 to 3.5 hours so you need to plan ahead. The ingredient assembly is very simple and does not take much time at all. I would recommend this machine.


Herndon, VA


Great job at making dough for other recipes.


I love my bread machine. Does a great job on making bread but what I love most about it is the option to make just dough. We love to make our own pizza and this machine does a great job. The 2lb. bread setting is enough dough for a 12 cut pizza!  Also works great on doughfor cinnamon rolls.I also have a dinner roll that I make the dough in the bread machine, It saves so much time that you'll make things you would not have had time to make before!Machine works well if you put liquids in first. If not it will not mix well and you'll get dry flour left in the corners if you put dry ingredients in first.. Comes with a great receipe book. It has 8 settings for bread, including dough cycle. The greatest part about it is the 3 crust colors option, light, medium & dark! It is a well built machine, I have had 2 others previous to this that did not last as long as the oster. It fits nicely on my counter top and is not overly huge and out of place like some. I would highly reccommend this bread maker and would definately buy another one.


New Wilmington, PA


Oster Bread Maker

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