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Oster 7971 10-Speed Blender

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hated this blender


Oster has a good reputation so I bought it thinking it would last a long time. I was so disappointed with this blender. Within a couple months the little rubberband on it tore and I had to buy a new band. It wasn't expensive, but a month later it tore again. Again I bought it. I emailed Oster, but never got a response. A couple weeks later, as I was blending a salsa it started smelling like something was burning. It was the blender. It just quit working. I was so mad Blending Power It blends good. Has great power. Crushes ice very good. Tough blades Ease of Cleaning It is pretty simple to clean. You disassemble the botyon part and just wash it. Nothing hard about the clean up Ease of Use Simple to use. Not a lot of buttons. Very self explanatory. Design It isn't too bulky. It looks sturdy. Durability That's my main issue with this blender. I had it less then a year. Had several issues with it. The band tore and then it just quit working. I used it just like I was supposed to, so it wasn't anything I did. I have bought cheaper blenders that were more durable. What a waste of money




fast chopping party maker.


I love this blender because its great for a party or any other occasions. My favorite thing to do is just add ice with my favorite non alcoholic drink and blend away. Awesome treat after a hard day and no headache afterwards. Blending Power Crushes ice fast and is great for frozen drinks, makes smoothies silky smooth. Great for hot stuff to making fresh pasta sauce just boil the tomatoes to get the skin off then pop them in the blender and get the sauce started faster. Versatility It crushed ice and make smoothies in a snap. You can use it to do almost anything. Ease of Cleaning Clean up it an ease nothing to do but twist apart the parts, clean them and your done. Ease of Use Easy to read keys,portion levels on jar and a twist on cap in the middle of cover to pour in while the blender is running simple and easy to use. Design Its sleek, modern, and black in color. It fits in with almost any kitchen. Durability Hard plastic shell, sturdy body with a thick glass pitcher. Durable rubber cover and a plastic middle cap on cover you can remove while using to pour in liquid or anything else.




Oster 7971 10-Speed Blender

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