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Oster 6056 Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking

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Works Great!


We have had this for a year and it's worked great! Even Heating This oven heats pretty even! I will however warn you do NOT place any stone ware on top. We placed 2 pizza stones on top to store it and we could not figure out why it took over an hour too cook french fries and chicken nuggets. We took the stones off and it works like brand new again! Safety I am giving an 8 this a because it is fairly safe. I have two small children and have this tucked in a corner on the counter so they cannot reach it. However it does get a little warm on the sides as does the glass on the front. Ease of Cleaning Super easy to clean. The bottom pulls out so you can throw away all of your crumbs! Racks are easy to clean as is the pan. The outside wipes clean. Durability Like I stated earlier I've had this for well over a year and it is still going strong! Design There is a lot more room in there then you think! I just wish it had a rotisserie attachment. It's great for lunches or cooking for two.


Sewell, NJ


Love My Oven!!


I received my convection oven as a gift from my partner. I love baking but with a bad back it is difficult to bend over and put stuff in or take stuff out of a regular oven.. I absolutely LOVE this oven!! I can set it on the counter and it's at the perfect height for me.. No more hurting while baking.. Now I can make my family cakes, cookies, pies, anything they want. It browns perfectly and cooks evenly so my cakes turn out perfectly done and golden and cookies turn out evenly cooked.. However, I wish I could fit my cast iron cornbread pan in it.. The racks will not hold too much weight.. Perfect for small muffin pans and 9 inch round cake pans though Even Heating cakes get done evenly all the way through Safety The outside does get very hot so you have to keep it away from anything that might melt.. And keep children away while it's on and for a while after you turn it off.. That little sucker can hold some heat! Ease of Cleaning love the pull out crumb tray.. makes cleaning a breeze Design stronger racks would be great


Jasper, GA


Convenient to have on hot summer days.


For me it's a must to have a toaster oven in the hot summer months. I had a basic oven but wanted one with more function so I could cook even more with it. I decided to give the Oster Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking a try. I must say it met my demands of a toaster oven. I like all the different functions this oven offers. You can do anything from toasting to broiling to convection baking. I also love the size of this oven. You can fit most small to medium sized pizzas with ease. It comes with a baking pan and roasting rack. I have cooked a lot in it so far and am very pleased with the results. When cooking a pizza it cooked it very evenly. I also love the fact that it has a removable crumb tray for super easy clean up. It also isn't very loud at all and has a built in timer so you don't have to worry about burning anything. Another thing I like about this particular toaster oven is that while it is on it has a light on the inside that stays on, so you can keep a check on what you are cooking. It really is a great toaster oven to have.


Lester, AL


Oster 6056 Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking

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