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Oster 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven


Oster Digital Toaster oven with Convection baking results in faster, more evenly cooked food in less time Ideal capacity to fit most frozen pizzas 90 minute timer with signal, automatically Turn oven off Toast function allows for light to dark toasting. Oster Digital Toaster oven with Convection baking results in faster, more evenly Ideal capacity to fit most frozen pizzas 90 minute timer with signal, automatically, Turn oven off Toast function allows for light to dark toasting

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Something's wrong


I have used this very little, purchased it after my husband died and I was just cooking for myself. I have never been able to get it to work right, I have to set it at 450 to get the temp up to 325. And I set it at 90 min. to keep it from shutting off, but it still shuts off b/4 my food is done.

Coos Bay, Oregon


I would buy this again and again!


Bought mine second hand and used it as my primary cooking appliance for an additional 5+ years without issues!

Ontario, Canada


This Oster Toaster oven is great


The Oster 6058 Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking is a great toaster over that can do a variety of taskers that many regular toasters cannot. This toaster can do the basic stuff like make toasts and reheat leftovers but it can do so much more. It can be used to cook smaller items that you don't wan tto preheat the oven for. The convection cooking makes the food cook faster and more evenly so that it comes out better tan it would in a nonconvection oven. The great thing about this toaster oven is the LED display that is great for those who are sick of the nobs that always come with toasters> the nobs never seem to toaster anything very well and its hard to give a specific time to cook your food. With this oven, you can just set the time to toast, set the temperature to broil and/or bake, and its all very straightforward and easy to do. I would highly recommend this toaster oven for all of those people out there that need a high quality product with lots of useful features.

Laguna Niguel, CA


a good toaster oven at a great price.


I recently needed to replace my toaster oven and a friend suggested the Oster 6058 to me. I found it at a really great price. I have used it at least once a day and most days use it two to three times.  I have become so dependent on it, that I can not rememeber the last time I turned on my regular oven. It is so convienent and easy to use that I have been cooking everything possible in it. I make pizza, chicken, small roasts, baked potatoes, you name it I have cooked it in my Oster Toaster Oven.  The digital feature is a definately a plus. It makes cooking a no brainer. The  stainless steel exterior cleans up in a flash and leaves no streaks. The crumb pan is  amazing. Pull it out, wipe it clean with a dry paper towel and you are good to go! I have never owned an oster product prior to purchasing this oven, but I think in the future this will be the first brand I look to for all my small kitchen appliance needs.

Dover, DE


Toaster Oven is awesome


Work recently got this in last week. It was the shiny new product in the kitchen at work. It was unlike our old toaster oven. This one was much bigger and much fancier. It was so fancy and high tech, my coworkers and myself did not know how to use it. We looked at the manuals but it wasn't too much of a help. I wonder if it's just me but it takes a while to make toast using the toast setting. I place it low to the bottom and when it gets hot, it gets REAL HOT. I don't think I'm doing this correctly. I like how big it is and it looks like it can cook many things, but I have only tried to make toast using this. Overall, I would recommend this once I am able to figure out how to make the perfect toast using this oven. I also really like how I can see the cooking progress of my food, that is always a PLUS!

San Francisco, CA


Not perfect, but an awesome little oven!


Toaster ovens take some practice, so expect a few failed batches while you are learning. It is hard to get them to brown evenly, but after you find the right rack placement, the correct baking time, and with rotating your dish, they are very handy. They save a lot of electricity and don't heat up your home like a large oven. In my opinion, they are perfect for 1 or 2 people. We haven't used our big oven in over four years. Everything is baked in this little Oyster toaster oven.....except toast. Every toaster oven I have used stinks at making toast! I was especially happy with cookies made in this oven. The convection action created creates an incredible texture that was lightly crispy outside with a soft, chewy inside. Oatmeal raisin cookies baked in this oven were the my favorite, but now subscribe to Jack Lalanne's health moto: "If it tastes good, spit it out!" So, I no longer eat sugar. Every now and then I will whip up a healthy batch of hermit bars for dessert in this oven, using whole grains, stevia, and molasses. They also develop that wonderful 'skin' that is created from the fan blowing hot air over them. With that said, it does take longer to bake large batches of cookies in the toaster oven because of the smaller pans. The Oyster gets used a lot to reheat leftovers. It isn't as quick as a microwave, but it heats more evenly and I don't worry about the controversial health effects of microwaved food. 10-15 minutes is usually enough time. I also use it to bake homemade bread from freshly ground whole grains. Baking cornbread was a challenge, because the bottom never would brown in my iron skillet. That problem was solved by preheating the skillet on the stove top before baking it in the Oyster. Like I said, baking with a toaster oven takes practice, but it worth the advantages. Even risen bread bakes well in it. You just have to experiment with time, temp, rack placement, and find the right bread pans. I have had the best success with glass loaf pans. With them, I can see when the bottom is brown. I never use the pizza, defrost, dehydrate, or toast features, so I can't comment on how well they work. The lamp is a nice touch, though. The outside does get hot, so keep that in mind especially if you have kids or pets. There is a gap around the door. This concerned me enough to call Oyster and ask if my oven was damaged or defective. The customer representative checked out other ovens of the same model and said they all had that gap. Unfortunately, she couldn't explain why it is there. My biggest complaint is with the oven was the rack. One side of the rack slide out of the guides under heavy loads, leaving the weight of the dish resting on the heating element. This wouldn't be a problem with pizzas or other light weight dishes, but it was with heavy items such as roasts (we have a small, stone roaster that fits inside this oven). I bent it at the edges a few times to make it fit tighter, but it the problem would return. I finally solved this problem by purchasing a heavier rack from a second hand store. I had to resize the rack with a bolt cutters and a welder. If it wasn't for the flimsy rack, I would give this oven 4 starts, but I have to deduct one because it should have come with a sturdier rack. Until a better, affordable mini-oven comes along, or until this one dies, I am happy with this little Oyster. It has lasted much longer than other toaster ovens we have had.

Beckley, WV


Oster 6058 Toaster oven is the work horse of my kitchen


The Oster 6058 Toaster oven is used every day in my house.  We use the toaster for toasting and the convection oven for quickly heating frozen foods.  The convection fan makes cooking fast and it does a great job and browning and crisping food.  The toasting part lets you control how dark or light you want your food and it also gives a count down for the last 60 seconds.   For the oven it is easy to control the temperature and the cook time.  It gives a couple beeps when it's done toasting or cooking.  It is large enough to hold a pizza too!  The oven has a dehydrate mode that I haven't really used but would come in handy if you did.  There are several levels that the rack can be adjusted to and comes with a pan for cooking as well.   I use this oven more than I use my full size oven even with a family of four because it holds so much and it has the convection fan so it's faster and doesn't use as much energy.

Kent, WA


Oster 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

3.9 7