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Oster 500-Watt 11-Cup Wide-Mouth Food Processor, Stainless Steel


Save valuable prep time in the kitchen with the help of this ultra-convenient food processor. Equipped with a powerful 500-watt motor, the unit makes quick work of tasks both large and small, whether blending, mixing, chopping, slicing, or shredding. The Oster food processor's work bowl provides a generous 11-cup capacity, while its wide-mouth feed tube accommodates many whole fruits and vegetables - no need to slice into smaller pieces first. Choose between the sharp stainless-steel S-shaped blade and the reversible stainless-steel slicing/shredding disc. The unit works well for anything from blending up pesto sauce or chopping up veggies to throw onto a homemade pizza to shredding carrots for carrot cake or slicing apples for a pie. A gourmet French Fry cutter disc also comes included, making it simple to create consistently shaped, restaurant-style fries. Other highlights include on/off buttons plus "pulse" for added control, a cord-storage compartment to keep countertops looking tidy, and a sleek stainless-steel base with black accents that makes a nice addition to any kitchen decor. When finished, the unit's removable parts clean up easily by hand or in the dishwasher and the accessories store neatly away for next time in the included storage case.

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Excellent Food Processor


I enjoy using this food processor to make sauces and even almond butter. It is useful for the smooth and easy job and for the more demanding jobs. It is easy to disassemble and reassemble. It saved me distress when chopping onions and other hard veggies.




Nice and large.


The Oster 11-cup processor is great to have. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a processor that isn't expensive. It has adjustable buttons and it looks great (doesn't it?). It is a powerful processor with a black with a silver steel finish. Like other processors, the Oster 11-cup processors slices, blends, shreds, etc. One great thing that comes as an attachment with the blender is the citrus juicer attachment. So if you have oranges, you can make freshly squeezed orange juice. Another thing that processor comes with is a container for the the blades (so it won't go missing in my case). The problem with the processor is that it has only one speed. Which is a bummer but that is want you get for what you paid for. Power 500 watts. Safety Can't work it without putting lid on. Ease of Assembly Like all processors, you have to put the blades in and the lid on top to start. Ease of Cleaning average. Durability It's an Oster. It's a dependable brand.




Very happy with my oster


I was going to buy a less expensive processor but definitely happy I spent the extra money on an oster. It is easy to set up, breaks down easily, and consistently delivers ggreat results. Very versatile and definitely a time saver! Power I have always had problems making hummus and cashew butter but the oster makes the smoothest hummus and nut butter! Safety Very happy with the eagerly latches Ease of Cleaning All dishwasher safe. :)


Port Lavaca, TX


Great Product!


storage container for all parts is perfect! easy to use! Large Capacity. Different blades for all types of things; knead dough blade, french fry blade, it slices, shreddes. Safety is great want work unless all parts all locked in place. I recieved as a gift and have used it once




Oster one of the BEST!


My husband and I purchased this Oster Food Processor to replace an old smaller one of a different brand. We needed it to thoroughly blend and mix our dog's food because he was tube fed for the last year and a half of his life. This worked perfectly because it was a larger one and we made food for three days at a time. We got lots of use out of it for our dog's food and now we use it for other things too. Love it! Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean after taking it apart and also very easy to re-assemble when needed. Durability This food processor went through a lot of use for a half year or more and it is still just as powerful, fast and durable!


Fond Du Lac, WI


Good starter processor


Getting started was a little tricky. There was a hole that had to be pressed before the engine would start, and the directions didn't mention it. The capcity is great, but I wish there were additions I could buy. Basically, the blades that come with it are it. But it works great for hummus, pesto, and pizza dough.


Dayton, OH


This Oster food processor is terrible!!!


I received the Oster 11-cup food processor as a gift. It looked nice, but the first time I used it, the motor burned out! I contacted the company, since I wasn't sure where the gift-giver had gotten it from. After a bit of run-around, Oster sent me a replacement. On the first use, the new one's motor burned up, too! Unbelievable! On the first machine, I was attempting to grate cheese, which is a function of this machine. The first machine had the pusher included, but the second machine was missing that part. Anyway, I had grated less than two cups of cheese when the machine started smelling like smoke then it made a strange sound and died. The second time, I was slicing potatoes and the exact same thing happened! Do not waste your money on this terrible food processor. Buy a good one instead!


Gulf Shores, AL


Oster 500-Watt 11-Cup Wide-Mouth Food Processor, Stainless Steel

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