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Oster 4108 10-Speed Blender

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Good value for the money


This is a good all purpose blender. Powerful enough for most jobs, although you need to be careful when trying to add too much too fast or trying to chop frozen things like strawberries or ice. Great for big batch fresh fruit smoothies Blending Power Has good blending power as long as there is enough liquid. Versatility I don't use a blender for a whole lot other than making drinks and smoothies. I did try to blenderize cauliflower the other nite rather than drag out the food processor ... next time I will break out the processor for that job. Ease of Cleaning Clean up is quick and easy, hot soapy water and a quick wipe on the base unit keep this looking nice! I like that the blade is stationary in the screw on part, can't get lost. Ease of Use Very easy to use for simple kitchen needs Design Classic, simple, I like that it is not all full of electronic buttons and choices. Sometimes simple is underrated. Durability I bought mine used and have been using it steadily for the last 6 months with no issues.



Great Blender from Oster


We received the Oster 10 speed blender as a wedding gift and have been very pleased with it. It is durable (we have had it for years now) and easy to use. The 10 speeds allow for flexibility to be used for many items. I have used it to make everything from smoothies to baby food. I have also used it to crush ice and puree soups. I liked the glass jar as it allows me to put in hot items such as soup with no problem. It is easy to clean and I have never had any leakage problems as long as I have made sure everything it put together properly. I would recommend the the Oster 10 speed blender as a good household blender.

Mount Vernon, OH


Oster 4108 10-Speed Blender

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