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Oster 4032 Electric Steam Iron

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Ironing couldn't be easier


The Oster 4032 Electric Steam Iron is easy to use and as well made as any really expensive one on the market. I Have not had any trouble with this iron and use it at least a couple times a week. The Oster Iron is teflon coated, so there is no sticking to your clothing as you iron, there is also a lift opening to pour the water in easily which allows you to use either the sprayer or steamer button during ironing, there is a dial that allows you to adjust it for the type of clothing you are ironing. The Oster Iron heats up very quickly so you are not waiting forever to get started and that is a big plus. The oster is also lightweight so being able to travel with it has not been a problem, most motels/hotels seem to have irons now but you just never know if they are working or for that matter what the last person used when ironing their clothing, so being able to carry your own iron that does not weigh a ton is a good option for you. I would recommend this to anyone.

Bedford, KY


The perfect iron for all your ironing needs


My last iron was a hand-me-down about 6 years ago so you can imagine my joy at getting, what seemed to me, this high-tech iron!  The OsterElectric Steam Iron slides so effortlessly across your clothes, it has both a sprayer and a steamer button on it and it has an easy lift opening to add water to it.   It is the perfect iron for everything you will ever need to iron. Oh and it heats up in what seems like a matter of seconds!  It was an inexpensive iron that feels like it is a top of its class iron!

Huntington Beach, CA


Oster 4032 Electric Steam Iron

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