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4-Slice Toasters
Oster 4-Slice Toaster

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Will get the job done


The good - we've had this toaster for a while and it still works, no issues. Love that it can toast 4 slices at once and that it is a narrow design (2 slices in front, 2 in back) so it is easier to store than a 4 slice wide toaster model. The bad - no matter how low you set it some piece of your toast, waffle, bagel etc still gets burnt. The settings we use are sooo low that I can't imagine what the output would be if we had it set to any of the middle or high settings! But guess we've learned to work with it and leave the settings low, so it does the job and we haven't smoked our selves out any time in recent memory! I do think it is a great feature that the toaster can sense how many slices are in and if it is not 4 slices the heat coils will not start up if they are not going to be used.

Lakeville, MN


Oster 4-Slice Toaster


I wanted a toaster with a vertical profile because I don't have a lot of kitchen counter space. The toaster needed to fit into the niche I had available for it-and this toaster fit the bill space and shape wise. I also wanted a toaster that could toast four slices of bread at a time. Again this toaster fit the bill. I didn't want to get an extremely inexpensive toaster-as the toaster would be used a lot and I wanted one that would last a while. Neither did I want the most expensive toaster on the market. Oster has been a respected brand, so I felt that it would be reliable. I have to admit that I am fairly particular about my toast. I don't like "overdone" or burnt toast-I suppose no one likes their toast burnt, but I like a light to medium toasting. Unfortunately with this toaster no matter what the setting, I have to watch it carefully and check on the bread, the settings do not guarantee a uniform result.

Simi Valley, CA


Attractive and Efficient


With a growing family, a four slice toaster is a great convenience! After checking out the options, I really liked the Oster Inspire 4-slice. It is very sleek and attractive. It is not at all bulky like the side by side versions and therefore fits very nicely on my limited countertop space. Additionally, the long slots make it possible to toast my homemade waffles and other breads that are wider than the typical sliced bread. On the negative side, it has a chemical smell to it that I hope will dissipate with more use. Also, it gets pretty hot because it has to warm up the double long slot. Even at a medium heat setting it has burned my toast, so I'm having to learn how to gage the temperature. Still, I really like it!

Big Sandy, TX


Oster 4-Slice Toaster

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