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Oster 300-Watt Automatic Vegetable & Fruit Juice Extractor


Powerful 300 watts motor automatically extracts vitamin-rich natural juice. Automatically expels pulp into large capacity/detachable container for continuous juice processing. Stainless steel cutter/strainer. Safety system prevents the unit from operating if the lid is not locked properly into position. Juice flows into the 14-ounce plastic the container or directly into a glass. Optimally sized feed-chute for easy insertion or fruits and vegetables. Cord storage compartment Enjoy the juice of all your favorite fruits and vegetables

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I would NOT recommend this juicer!


This is the perfect example of a space-wasting appliance in the kitchen. It is simply an oval shaped pillar with two clear 'catching' containers at either end. Problem number one (and this is huge): It doesn't do citrus! It will nearly immediately clog up. It does okay, and I emphasize okay, with other things like blueberries and strawberries, (didn't do much with veggies) but we really were in disbelief at the small size of the bowl that clogs so easily, it was nearly unusable. Certainly got used about 5 times and has been collecting dust since we upgraded tenfold with our Ninja! Pulp Setting Effectiveness There is truly NO setting other than on and off. Ease of Cleaning I found it annoying to have to clean so much pulp out of the sharp, dangerous bowl section! Durability I have to vote middle of the bar because we didn't use it more than a handful of times. Versatility/Number of Features Well, I guess you could say 'Even a monkey can use it!' Unfortunately, not for long, as it will clog and be a huge pain to clean out. Design If you can turn it on, you can use it. Unfortunately, that's not a good thing in the case of using kitchen appliances usually.




Somewhat wasteful


I got this as a gift and was initially impressed with it because it was quiet and seemed to completely extract juice at a pretty good pace. Pulp Setting Effectiveness This unit gave a lot more pulp then it actually gave juice to drink. Stability While in Use Pretty stable to use, there was some mild shaking when too much of something was put into the machine. Depending on the type of fruit or vegetable you use, you have to expect some level of shaking in this machine. Ease of Cleaning Somewhat easy to clean this unit, as the parts can be difficult to remove and put back after cleaning. Durability This unit has held up pretty well considering the amount of use that it has gotten over the years. Versatility/Number of Features This unit does not have a huge number of different features. It is very simplistic in design and suits the juicing needs of anyone using it. Design I don't care for the design of this unit that much. I don't like the cup that catches the juice, as if you don't have it on there correctly, the juice spills everywhere.




Makes Fresh Juices In Seconds


I've been juicing since 2005 and found this machine to be the perfect way to start the day. This easily creates fresh tasting juices that nourish our system with vitamins. I personally love taking apples and carrots to make a sweet drink. Don't miss out on an efficient juice machine like this one.




Juicer is great but I hate juice


I loved it in the beginning . Just put the fruit and veggies in and you get great juice. After awhile I got bored with the juice. I prefer saving the calories for for the whole fruit or vegetable. It's much more filling. The juicer itself is great. 1, 2, 3 and you have real fresh fruit and/or vegetable juice. But I thought it was somewhat messy and after awhile got tired of the mess. I don't find this machine easy to clean as I have a real time crunch problem, I work full-time and time is a major issue in my life. I got tired of the cleaning. I thought if I'm going to have juice I don't have time for the preparation and cleanup involved here. I'll just by juice, which I don't because the calories go in too quickly with juice. Now it is fun, and the juice variations you can make are infinite, and I haven't found any fruit or vegetable that wont get juiced in it. If you love fresh juice you will love this unit, and if you've resolved to juice for the New Year it will be a blessing. And it performs well. I liked the consistency of the product, neither too pulpy or too thin. -just right. You can control the settings higher or lower. For the price, this model is great. I've had other juicers in the past and it performs well and is a good value for the money. However if you're not a full fledged juicer you run the risk of owning a dust collector, which is what mine's become. Pulp Setting Effectiveness Very satisfactory Stability While in Use No issues here, I use it on a sturdy countertop. Ease of Cleaning I dislike the cleaning aspect a lot. You do get a lot of pulp here. Durability No problems with the unit, it holds up. Versatility/Number of Features It does allow you to use higher and lower extractor settings. Design Very nice, attractive unit.


Brooklyn, NY


Oster 300-Watt Automatic Vegetable & Fruit Juice Extractor

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