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Oster 18-Speed Ice Crusher Digital Blender

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Not worth purchasing


The blender is not longer usable after about 25 uses. The plastic base is sheared/melted and will no long turn the blades on the blender Blending Power It blends fairly well but because of the lack of durability I can only give it a Poor rating Versatility Because of the lack of durability I can only give it a Poor rating Ease of Cleaning Because of the lack of durability I can only give it a Poor rating Ease of Use Because of the lack of durability I can only give it a Poor rating Design The design is very poor as some of it's main parts are plastic and do not last Durability If I could give this a VERY, VERY POOR rating I would as it did not last any where as near as long as it should have



Didn't work for me


I was really excited that we got this blender for our wedding. I thought that it would be great for smoothies, which my husband and I LOVE, and shakes. It worked ok, but for some reason mine had a really hard time with ice! I read the directions and everything and still could not get it to work right. I was constantly opening up the top to stir and remove chunks that were too large for the blades to handle. And it is incredibly loud! Ths sound almost scared me, not to mention my baby! I also wanted to use it to make homemade baby food (a much cheaper option than buying it). It didn't work at all! I think part of it was how big the glass container is. Either way, it took a ridicuously long time. Not worth it at all. We ended up finding something that worked much better than this and sold ours at a garage sale.

Lehi, UT


Can I have two?


My husband and I received this as a wedding gift and we absolutely love it. We use it regularly.  It is easy to clean, easy to take apart and easy to put back together. It can be washed in the dishwasher which is a plus. The ice crush feature is great, although it is so loud that it does freak out our son quite a bit. He still screams every time he hears it. But it does wonderfully at thoroughly crushing the ice. I like that it has the pulse feature and the 18 different speeds. I often start at the slowest, 1 speed, setting and work up to the full 18 speed. I haven't had any problems with it yet. Everything I have tried to blend, has worked, especially if I add a little liquid to it. Sometimes I need to stir the contents and then try turning it on again, just to encourage it along. I also love the looks of it. The attractive appearance fits perfect in our kitchen with our other similar appliances - although this is the only Oster appliance we have.

Ephrata, PA


Oster 18-Speed Ice Crusher Digital Blender

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