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Oster 18-Speed Digital Blender

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Does not blend well!!


The Oster 18- Speed Digital Blender (BCSG18Z) is a horrible blender. When I make juices or smoothies in the morning, I place the fruit into the Oster Blender. However, the strength of this blender is weak and doesn't break down the fruits all the way! I have to constantly add more water or other liquids so the blender would mix the fruits more. Half of the time, the fruits would get stuck into the machine and I have to fish it out. Besides fruits, the Oster Blender cannot blend ice, so forget about putting ice into the machine for your smoothies. After trying many times, I just end up putting the ice in my drink at the end, so I have large chunks of ice floating in the cup, which is not appealing. Rather than Oster Blender, I really recommend the Blendtec Classic Blender. This was introduced to me from a friend and this works wonders! I am so glad I switched to the Blendtec and got rid of the Oster 18- Speed Digital Blender once and for all.



The glass pitcher broke during blender!!!! Terrible!


This is by far the worst product I have ever seen or used! The glass pitcher is so top heavy and it felt like it would tip over. It deinitely could have used a stronger base. Not only is it terrible at blending, but it broke while it was blending. The piece that broke was the glass pitcher and pieces of glass flew out. Luckily no one was hurt. It was blending some ice at the time and I suppose it couldnt handle the coldness and hardness. This product is dangerous and I would not recommend it to anyway for their safety. This blender was only used a couple of times before it broke. Please save your money and go with another brand and model. There should be a lawsuit against this company. They need to stop selling blenders and redesign them!!!

Philadelphia, PA


Not a very speedy Oster 18-speed blender


This is not a very storg blender, which is not very good for me because I got it to make smoothies from frozen fruit.  I either have to put in a lot of liquid to help the blades along, or I take a spoon and mix up the fruit in between blends, which lets the unblended fruit make it down to the blades better.  This is also a loud blender, which makes it difficult to make smoothies in a full house after an early morning run.  It is bound to wake someone up.  I also dont care to much for digital blenders personally, but some people might. It is easy to clean, which is a good thing, especially if you also use your blender to make soups like me.  That way, my fruit smoothies do not taste like black bean soup and vice versa.  I have always prefered glass blenders for this reason. Overall, I find that this blender may not work for someone who uses a blender very often, but instead a "recreational" blender.

Hickory Hills, IL


Oh, for crying out loud...blend already!!!


I love smoothies, and I really wanted to make my own at home, so I purchased the **Oster 18-Speed 5-Cup Digital Blender**.  I'll admit it, it's mostly because the motor base has a stainless-steel look and it matched my other kitchen appliances  This is the first blender I have ever owned, so keep that in mind as you read my review...may be more operator error than a blender issue. **What I like about it:  **Great look: I love the metal-look (note: it's not real stainless steel).  The pitcher is made of thick glass.  The digital buttons are easy to press.  It's simple to understand: there are arrows to increase the speed, and the mode button changes the "style" of blending you want (speed, pulse, ice chopping, etc.)  Add to that the fact that it's dishwasher safe...good news to me! **What I don't like about it:**  First of all, it's difficult to tell whether or not the blender pitcher is actually situated properly on top of the base.  Once it IS on the base, it's fairly loud!  Now here's where it may be more my issue than the appliance's...I just don't think it blends well!  It seemed like every time I blend something, an air pocket forms at the botttom of the pitcher, then the blades can no longer reach the food I'm trying to blend.  I have to constantly stop the machine, push the contents down back to the blades, then blend some more.  It took me 15 minutes to make a stupid smoothie!  Overall, this blender looks better than it actually performs.  I'm not thrilled...I think I'll leave the smoothie-making to the hubby!  Maybe he'll have better luck than I do.  In the meantime, at least it still looks great on my counter!

Just outside Cincinnati, OH


Oster 18-Speed Digital Blender

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