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Oster 12-Cup Rice Cooker 4717

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Oster rice cooker works well


First of all, this product does just what it's supposed to--it cooks rice. It's really handy, because there's no boiling, then adding, then wondering if the rice is done. You just throw everything in, hit the button, and wait till it tells you it's done. And it will hold it warm for you until you're ready. So, if you are looking for a rice cooker, looks no further. I also use it to steam vegetables and have no complaints to offer in that regard. My main problem is, I personally don't use it too often, so for myself, I question how much I actually need this product. So, my advice is, before you buy, consider how much rice you really use--or how often you go for STEAMED vegetables. For the most part, it cooks well. I have found that if I go with the suggested ratio of rice to water, it gets a bit dry, which leads to a bit of "browned rice" at the bottom of the pot (which, I should mention, still cleans easily off the non stick surface). I just add a shot or two more of water than directed to. Bottom line: If you're sure you want/need a rice cooker, this is a great option.

Saint Louis, MO


It's the easiest way to cook rice


The Oster 12-Cup rice cooker is a multi-use cooker made by Sunbeam that also doubles as a vegetable steamer.  With its non-stick coated pot you don't have to worry about rice sticking to a stovetop pot.  There is a convenient condensation cup holder that hold the rice water when the lid is opened.  Once you put the water and rice in the cooker you press the button down where a red light comes on meaning it is cooking,  When the rice is done it will automatically click up to the warm setting.  It's a great feature if you are multi-tasking or if you aren't watching the time so the rice won't burn.  There is a paddle that comes with the product for easy serving and also a paddle holder on the side.  This rice cooker also has a steamer basket for vegetables.  It's great to have a rice cooker and steamer combo.  A recipe book is also included, which makes the best rice pudding ever!  It's very easy to use, clean, and store.  It may be big but well worth the investment.  I've had mine for five years and it's been a wonderful appliance.  I highly recommend this product to anyone. 

Tulsa, OK


Oster 12-Cup Rice Cooker 4717

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