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Oster 12-Cup Counterforms Coffeemaker

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This is the best coffee maker I have ever owned!


I purchased the Oster Counterforms 12 cup coffeemaker from amazon.com several months ago and have been drinking some of the best cups of coffee ever since.  The coffee maker is extremely easy to use and has a whole set of great features that I use all of the time.  Some of these great features include Blue Accents 900 Watts Storage Area to Hide CordReservoir Window Makes Accurate Measurements EasyEasy-Clean Warming PlateRemovable Filter Insert Lifts Out of Brew Basket Programmable TimerPush-Button OperationAuto Pause-and-Serve FunctionBrew-Strength Selector Automatic Shutoff After 2hr.Keep Warm Blue LED Display Removable Parts are Dishwasher Safe 1-yr. Warranty My favorite feature is that it has the ability to make a stronger cup of coffee and all that I have to do is hit one more button.  In addition to that, it remembers my settings each time that I use it, so I do not have to update the settings each time that I use it.  There is nothing like having a great cup of coffee from this coffee maker on a saturday morning.

Brooklyn, NY


Our morning helper


This is a terrific little coffee maker.  My wife got one over a year ago and it has given only one "problem."  She accidentally broke the caraf and the problem was that it had to be special ordered and took a couple of weeks to arrive.  Other than that, we love it.  The manufacturer recommends periodic cleaning, but we have only cleaned it a couple of times and it still works great.  This machine in combination with the Melitta coffee we use makes the best coffee I've had, bar none.  Just be careful with the caraf and its a winner.

Moorestown, NJ


Oster coffeemaker not my favorite!


I can't rate this item below average because after a year of wishing the thing would break, it refuses to do so.  It does come with a reusable filter so you don't have to continually buy coffee filters but will also work with them so you can use up your current supply.  The coffee from the pot is fine.  However, I personally find the programming features hard to use and do not like that you must wait until the entire pot of coffee brews before you can pour yourself that first cup.  There is no delay to allow you to remove the pot while the coffee is still brewing.  The water goes in right next to the filter so if you splash, miss a bit, then the water falls into the brewing area and splashes out at the bottom.  This also makes it hard to see the cup amount numbers as you pour in the water.  I also have issues with pouring the coffee from this pot without a small amount spilling outside my cup (I never had this issue with our previous coffee pots so I'm fairly certain it is not user error).  To be fair, my husband does love this coffeemaker and so I sit patiently waiting for it to break. 

Independence, MO


The Oster coffee maker is the best


I own the oster 12 cup coffe maker . I bought my Oster coffee maker after having to return several coffee makers as they did not work properly. I find with the oster it is a well built product and I have had no problems with it. It is very simple to use. I am a very busy woman and work long hours, so I have no time for fiddling around. I set up my coffee machine the night before, it has a built in timer that works . It also has an automatic shut off in-case you forget  and leave it on. It sounds a beep when it is Finnish brewing the coffee. It has two settings for dark or reg roast coffee. I have had my Oster for 4 years now and when the time comes to buy a new one it will be the same kind. I am very happy with this product.

Grand Portage, MN


Oster 12-Cup Counterforms Coffeemaker

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