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Osteo Bi-Flex
Osteo Bi-Flex Osteo Bi-Flex

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Great for joint pain


When I was young, I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. I suffered from pain in my joints for my entire life, especially in my hands, knees, and hips. I have been taking the Osteo Bi-Flex pills for my arthritis for quite a while now and I have seen a significant change in my mobility and joint pain. It has helped me so much that I was able to start running last year and have even participated in several 5k runs. I make regular visits to the chiropractor, stay in shape, and maintain a healthy weight, but i believe that taking the Osteo Bi-flex pills has drastically improved my mobility as well as helped to alleviate a lot of the pain that I was experiencing in my joints. I have not personally experienced any kind of side effects from this medication. Another wonderful thing about this medication is that it is available over the counter and is extremely affordable. If you have any kind of joint pain, I highly recommend giving it a try.


Hendersonville, NC


I really did see improvement in my knees within one week.


Following arthroscopic surgery on my right knee for torn cartilage, I continued to have a lot of pain in the knee.  Physical therapy didn't help all that much.  It was suggested that I try a product containing glucosamine chondrotin - MSM by my doctor and friends who have been using it.  I researched on-line and read product information on items on my grocer's shelves.  My choice (and I would like to say that it was and informed one) was to try Osteo Bi-Flex.  I was absolutely amazed to find out that it really does work.  Obviously, I not going to tell you that it cured my osteoarthritis - wouldn't that be a complete miracle.  It did ease a lot of the pain I felt - I've been able to take my dog out walking almost every day now.  Although not yet fully back into line-dancing (I used to be able to dance 2/3 hours straight a couple of days a week), I'm able to go out to dance and get up and actually spend a little time on the dance floor.  At work, I can do much of my own running around rather than having to continually depend on co-workers who have their own jobs to tend to.  Based on my personal experience, I have absolutely no problem suggesting Osteo Bi-Flex to men and women who suffer from osteoarthritis - I truly believe they will also find some relief from the constant pain.


Saratoga Springs, NY


Osteo Bi-Flex Osteo Bi-Flex

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