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Osem Israeli Matzo

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As good as any matzo can get, I guess


It's April, which means it's Easter time. It's also Passover time. All of the markets have their Easter and Passover displays side by side with all things holiday. If you check out the Passover display, you will see various Matzo brands. I prefer Osem, just because it doesn't go rancid as quickly as the others (and some go stale pretty fast!), and they don't break apart as easily in the box, leaving you with only crumbs. All matzos taste pretty much the same as they are made with only flour and water. Nothing else, not even salt, yeast, nada. But once you get past the blandness, you can make quite a few tasty meals out of it. Grind it up and make matzo ball soup (yum!), matzo brie (matzo, eggs, cinnamon & topped w/apple sauce or sou cream), and, my childhood faves: Tuna salad or egg salad matzo sandwiches. Every so often, I'll just have a small snack of matzo and butter. I used to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top of it but as I got older, the sugar went bye-bye. They have chocolate covered matzo but that just sounds nasty.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Osem Israeli Matzo

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